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Ramadan , as we know,is the month of both fasting and feasting. Well, we are almost half way through and celebrations are happening in full swing all across the country. And while our Muslim friends are fasting hard all through the day, we are busy filling our tummies with the yummiest Iftar snacks.

Coming to Iftar snacks, Sizzling Sheekhs, Kebabs, Biriyani, Haleem, Pathar Ghost and what not…. Iftar is quite a show all across the country and even abroad. But, this time our list is going to focus on Bangalore city only. Trust me, Ramadan cuisine is Bangalore totally stands out from the rest. Just after the evening prayers, the shops, stalls, restaurants, all open their doors to public irrespective of their castes and creeds to join in the Iftar merriments!

Since Bangalore has a very healthy populace of Muslims and a rich Muslim heritage, this city makes the iftar party a city-wide show – Basically a party no one can miss. So, without wasting time, let’s get straight to the list of the best places to try Ramadan Food in Bangalore.


7 Best Places To Try Iftar Snacks In Bangalore


Cautioning! Get your box of tissues before you read further, because you won’t stop slobbering. This is my must visit iftar places to try eating today and thru this month of Ramadan.


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1. Kormangala

Koramangala is one of the most popular places for Ramadan food in Bangalore. The Empire Street particularly displays stalls during the fiesta, and you have to dare to enter in. Yes, you cannot imagine the amount of people who turn up to pick some of the most deliciously tasty Ramadan cuisines.

The food festival here offers everything that one can ever imagine, kebabs, rumali roti’s, chicken, mutton, beef and camel savouries, yes you get it right. This food festival mainly caters to the crowd of South Bangalore. Entrees, mains dishes and the desserts you can find it all. Just make sure you wear loose clothes, yes you will need it for sure.

Bheja Fry, Camel Kebabs, Liver Fry, Seared Seafoods, Chicken Fry, Mutton barbecued, Pathar Ghost and what not… You just cannot miss out this fiesta at any cost! My personal recommendation is to try the Pathar Ghost, soft, juicy and truly succulent.

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2. Shivajinagar

For ages, Shivaginagar has been the go-to place for iftar celebrations in Bangalore city. Well, this makes a lot of sense as this area has heavy Muslim population. Well while this could be one of the reason contributing to its popularity, the other reason unquestionably is its delectable food. Yes, Shivajinagar’s iftar food festival offers some of the top kebabs and seekhs in the city.

Totally yummy, and these are surely going to make you droll for more. Also, if you are adventurous and open to trying something new – try their camel meat which is again one Ramadan Special. The Kheema Samosas, Pathar ka Ghost, Sheekh pal Kebabs and Mutton Korma are few out dishes that you cannot miss out.

So, head over to the Russell Street and also try to hog on the stalls in and around the area of Shivajinagar.


Ramadan, Ramadan food, food festivals in bangalore, iftar snacks

3. Tilak Nagar

Tilak Nagar is perfect for those who avoid over crowded places. Lit up lights and small tiny stalls this place is quite popular for its delectable range of kebabs and biryanis. As I already said, this area is quite less crowded as compared to other places, but that doesn’t affect its popularity.

Around twenty to twenty-five food stalls run the iftar show here, serving dishes from keema samosa, chicken kebabs, biriyanis, Haleem to the most popular one “Roasted OX Tongue”. Well I couldn’t dare to try this dish if you did please share your experience. Another must try dish is the Phirni.


4. Frazer Town – Mosque Road

The Mosque road in Frazer town gets a total makeover during the Ramadan. This transformation is about new colours and a sense of gusto and partying. This is a great place which has also been Internationally recognized for its finest Ramadan delicacies. Mosque road from ages has been the center of attraction in Bangalore during the Ramadan month.

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Around 50 plus stalls are put up which are hard to explore in one go, but they are surely going to satisfy your passion for food. People from across the country and even abroad visit this place during this time. One warning, traffic is totally mad here, so either take a cab drop or park far off and walk. Well, that a good idea indeed, you can build an appetite, and on your way back you can digest it too.

For food lovers, don’t miss out the amazing chicken items, mutton keema, fried eggs, and the most popular one the Brazillian beef.

Ramadan, Ramadan food, food festivals in bangalore, iftar snacks

5. Johnson Market

Last on this list but unquestionably not the least, is Johnson Market. Another immensely popular area with heavy Muslim population offering few of the most delectable kebabs in the town. At Johnson Market you have to try the Seekh rolls, DON’T MISS IT! During the Ramadan time many new food stalls spring up selling all kind of meats, mutton, chicken and beef as well.

This area stays crowded almost all the time of the year, but during Ramadan it becomes truly special. Try to explore all the Kebabs and Sheekh rolls here, you will surely forget about the crowd.

Well, this list wasn’t a comprehensive one, there are many other food festivals in Bangalore that are worth visiting, Fanoos, mohammadan block near south end circle, Bilal Masjid, and the Albert Bakery are few other places that are worth visiting during Ramadan.


Final Thoughts


So, this was my list of 5 most popular Ramadan food festivals in Bangalore, don’t wait and kick into these places before this holy month of Ramadan comes to an end. Hope you found this read an interesting and delicious one. If you think I missed out any popular place then please drop it off to us in the comment section below!

Wishing you all Happy & Prosperous Ramadan!

Featured Photo by AAB_BAA

Ramadan The Month Of Fasting And Feasting! 7 Best Places To Try Iftar Snacks In Bangalore

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