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Rajnandgaon- A Must Visit Offbeat Tourist Destination

With autumn and winter vacations around the corner, are you making plans for your vacation? Well, Rajnandgaon is one of the best destinations that we have come across. This destination is stunning like its famous counterparts and is less crowded. Located in the state of Chhattisgarh, the destination boasts of various tourist spots.

Originally called as Nandgram, Rajnandgaon was ruled by the several rulers in the ancient times, Somvanshis, Marathas, and Kalchuris, to name a few. The place reflects the tradition and culture of these rulers.

Places to visit in Rajnandgaon

Dongargarh-This divine destination boasts of two famous temples Maa Bambleshwari (badi and choti) and Buddha statue located at the hill Prgayagiri. In order to reach the hill, one has to climb around 225 steps or you can even take an auto that will drop you to this temple with a great care. The temple remains crowded during navratri. Choti Banblehwari devi Temple is situated on the ground floor. What attracts tourists towards this temple is its grandeur architecture.

Indra Kala Sangeet University– It was the first University located in Asia that offered the students a degree in fine arts and music. Started in 1954, the University was housed in a palace dedicated to the princely family. Inside the university, there is a museum that displays archaeological relics of the bygone era. Here, the young students from the different background can learn drama, music and showcase their work.

It is a nice destination to pursue your dreams.

Seetla Mandir- The temple is located in the heart of Rajnandgaon and reflects the Mughal architecture. The Nehru park is located within the premises of the mandir and is a must visit for the children and adults alike.

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Paatal Bhairavi temple– The temple is located on the GE road on Rajnanadgaon district. The temple is erected 16 feet above and the statutes of Maa Paatal Bhairavi are constructed at a height of 15 feet and another statue of Lord Rudra is constructed at a height of 11 feet. Apart from that, there is a Shivling located in the temple at the height of 108 feet, which often attracts the visitors the most. Near to the Shivling, there is a statue of Goddess Nandi.  The temple is divided into three different floors. The upper one is dedicated to the God of destruction, Lord Shiva and the middle one is dedicated to Durga Mata and the ground floor is dedicated to Maa Paatal Bhairavi. During the occasion of Navratri, there is a huge rush. The people from different parts come here to seek the blessings of Goddess and enjoy the divine Prasad distributed during that time.


Rajnandgaon is the most preferred tourist destination known for its sacred temples and museums. It is a must go destination for the travelers, who are highly spiritual in nature or want to take a dip in the spirituality. The ideal time to visit this destination is February, October, November and December. Sightseeing takes around half a day or maximum it could be stretched to one day. So, we can call it an ideal weekend getaway tourist destination.

Featured Photo: Rock Formations by Indyblue under CC BY-SA 2.0

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