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Are you planning to take a trip to India? India has many favorable tourist destinations which can definitely make your journey a wonderful one. Rajmachi is such an awesome destination for trekking lovers. You become admired with the beauty of this,  You can experience the great adventures on this spot starting your journey from the village kondivade. It si an absolutely stunning spot which really captures your heart!

RAJMACHI- The Right Destination to Explore

rajmachi photo

Photo by Ravinder Singh Gill

Why to choose Rajmachi

  • It is a beautiful hill station which is calm and peaceful. This destination would be a great choice for the people who love to relax and enjoy the nature beauty completely.
  • The aesthetic scenery you can have here is so stunning that you can click out many photographs in saving as great memories of your trip.
  • You will definitely fall in love with this place with its beautiful views and adventures. It is a popular destination for the beginners to start their trekking.
  • If you are visiting this place with a gang of friends, then you people are going to have lots of fun.
  • The way to the fort is filled with beautiful garden which is
  • one of the many attractions you can find here.
  • You can explore the beauty of this place by trekking and this place is mainly suggested for the trekking beginners as they can have the wonderful experience with trekking.

About climate:

If you are planning to enjoy your trip to Rajmachi with your better half make your honeymoon a special one by visiting it during half monsoon where the climate too would be a favorable one for you in enjoying the journey viewing the best place. Visiting Rajmachi on monsoon time would be a great thing as this will be the time with little rains and weather would also show great.  This spot is a great choice for people who have wanderlust. You can explore and feel the beauty of this excellent spot.

There are many routes which are short and long to reach this destination. You can easily reach this amazing spot from Lonavala where you can get the straight road to Rajmachi which is preferred if you plan to go by vehicles.

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rajmachi photoPhoto by chaitannyam

Amazing attractions:

  • The eye capturing sights are so much in this spot and the greenery you can view here is beyond words.
  • The way is covered with greenery and little waterfalls, the destination is surrounded by beautiful mountains as well as valleys which provide breathtaking views you can have here.
  • There are also dense forests and huge trees on the way where you find lots of adventurous moments.
  • If you are a trekking lover, then definitely you should not miss this wonderful spot which can give you lots of exciting climbs.
  • It is a great place for you to spend time with your family, friends and better half. The typical time people like to visit this place is monsoon when the climate would be more comfortable and pretty enjoyable.
  • There are excellent views you can have from this destination experiencing the fresh air.
  • This awesome village has been covered with great scenic views which can make you feel super cool.

For the trekkers and riders:

On your way to Rajmachi, you may also come across many reservoirs and water tanks where you can freshen up washing your hands and face with such a cold water. The exhilarating part in visiting this spot is reaching the top experiencing treks and climbs.

You can experience the real beauty of nature visiting this place and this is highly recommended to all who enjoys adventurous journey. Once you have determined to reach up the top, the journey becomes really thrilling. Make sure you carry out the required things including water and snacks to have energy while you trek because you may not find any shops nearby if you are in need of something. So be prepared with all the necessary items before you go.

Mind blowing spots:

Not only for the trek lovers, if you are a bike rider then definitely the way to Rajmachi would be the thrilling experience in giving you great adventures.

  • You can view more sights and get closeness towards this village with its scenery beauty.
  • The beauty of the fort is so extravagant that you realize once you reach on to the top.
  • Explore this amazing destination capturing great landscapes with greenery.
  • The view of sunset is something awesome you must watch at Rajmachi and therefore make sure you reach the fort before sunset.
  • The stunning views you can have from this great location is countless. Reaching this destination is a great thrill and never misses out this awesome spot which can give you lots of amazing moments.
  • This beautiful hill station is a number one spot to make you chilled with great views. Explore the everlasting beauty of this destination.

Rajmachi- Must Visit destination

Make sure you visit this place in the right climate. If it is a rainy season the roads may not be so smooth and trek may be a bit difficult for you. This village is not much in luxury and a one day journey would be the suggested opinion. . This place is not a polluted one and so you can enjoy the real beauty of nature meeting some great villagers. Rajmachi is a must visit place for all the people who loves nature beauty and who loves to enjoy the best weather of monsoon with treks.  The mountain and waterfalls are something which you find as the exciting part of your journey to the fort. The beauty of Rajmachi make you leave mesmerized and do not miss out this wonderful destination at any costs.  It is a place like heaven which makes you feel like the same. Make your journey a splendid  and enjoyable one by visiting this awesome destination and chilling out with your trip making it a memorable one in your life.

Photo by Ravinder Singh Gill

RAJMACHI- The Right Destination To Explore

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