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Rajasthan! The moment I hear this word I start thinking of beautiful and vibrant colours. Yes that is what adds life to the desserts isn’t it? Won’t you agree with me on this? I am sure even your mind is flashed up with numerous colours. Be it the traditional Rajasthani clothes worn by local men and women to the awe-inducing forts, the delicious Rajasthani laal maas and the exciting camel safari, Rajasthan is much more than just the desserts. This place is truly a dream destination which has been attracting travellers from across the country and even abroad. But do you think your trip to Rajasthan is complete without shopping? Well it can never be, let me tell you what to buy from Rajasthan. Here are 7 Best Things To Buy From Rajasthan.

7 Must Buy Things From Aapano Rajasthan!

As I said your trip to Rajasthan can never be complete without shopping. The experience to getting lost into the alleys of this historic city is truly a mind blowing experience but how can you forget to pick up those beautiful tit-bits. I am talking about the arts and crafts that display the intrinsic culture of Rajasthan in true sense. So here is the list, stay tuned–

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1. Jewellery and Gemstones

Jewellery and Gemstones from Rajasthan has to be first on this list. If you saw the movie ‘Jodha Akbar’ you would remember how radiant Aishwarya Rai looked with that spectacular Rajasthani Jewellery. She truly looked like that typical Rajasthani princess, didn’t she? The kind of jewellery the actress wore summarises precisely what the Rajashtani jewellery actually stands for. Silver jewellery, kundan or meena or other precious and semi-precious gemstones carved trinkets, Rajasthan has everything you can think of. Ladies you got to watch out for beautiful silver headgears, necklaces, cuffs and anklets. You would see every single lady living near the Rajasthani villages wearing them. As a part of the culture Rajastnai women wear this jewellery in their day-to-day lives.

There are end numbers of silver knick-knacks available for sale in numerous shops and traditional bazaars of Rajasthan. These are of excellent quality, unique designs and available in a variety of rich colors. Lac bangles, traditional Thewa jewellery from Chittaur, and the typical enamel ornaments from Pratapgarh are few of the must-haves from Rajasthan. To add more, in case you don’t know Rajasthan is a hot centre for hand-cutting of precious and semi-precious gems and stones. You can even check out there astonishing collections of emeralds and un-cut diamonds.

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2. Carpets

The carpets from Rajasthan are bright in color, with diverse patterns. These are hand-knitted and use the finest quality of woollen fibres. No wonder the Rajasthani carpets are one of the most cherished possessions for any buyer. These are very rich in their appearances, and also have an equally rich weaving history. The carpet weaving heritage of Rajasthan dates back to the early as 17th century. Bikaner, Ajmer and Jaipur are the most significant hubs to source excellent carpets in Rajasthan. However they can also be easily found in smaller cities like Barmer, Tonk, and Choksu. If you want to bag the best deal, then go to a carpet factory, as there you can easily negotiate. If you have the skill to negotiate then there are high chances to come out as successful.

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3. Paintings

Heard of Rajputana paintings? Well the paintings from Rajasthan are popularly known as the Rajputana paintings. These are immensely vibrant and elegant, they can atcually change the look of any room. Rajputana paintings were introduced and nurtured in the royal courts of Rajputana. These paintings have a very unique style and mostly depict incidents from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and also the life and times of Krishna. You will see large number of old-and-new shops selling the Rajputana paintings.

Apart from the Rajputana paintings, there are other styles of paintings too which too are integral with the history of Rajasthan. Mughal-inspired miniature paintings and also the exclusive Thani Bani painting from Kishangarh are some of the most popular paintings to pick up. Travellers can buy these paintings at very cheap rates at the villages of Rajasthan. The local artists in the village actually pour their hearts and souls out to create such masterpieces.

Rajasthan Pottery photoPhoto by Veeds

4. Pottery

The blue pottery from Rajasthan is one of the most notable ceramic styles in the country. Thinking what is unique about Rajasthani Blue Pottery? Well while the other forms of pottery in India use clay as the main ingredient, Rajasthan blue pottery uses quartz stones. This form of pottery is heavily influenced by the Persian form of art. Initially, only blue colour pottery items could be found, but now different colours pallets are available, yellow, green and brown are colours few to name. Different sized pots, flower vases, jars, ash trays, tiles and figurines, you get it all. Don’t forget to pick up a unique blue pottery from Rajasthan.

puppets photoPhoto by NINXIVI

5. Puppets

How can I miss mentioning about puppetry, we all know Rajasthani puppets are world famous. In fact these are one of those things that make every Indian proud. Rajasthani puppets are hand-made, vibrant in colour and stringed, these are one of the most unique and gorgeous souvenirs one can pick up from Rajasthan. Puppetry is more than thousands year old culture, we all would have seen it somewhere. I remember in the late 80s and 90s Doordarshan used to display ads where Rajasthan puppets or kathputlis were displayed. They used to convey an important social welfare message. Stringed puppets are quite synonym with the affluent culture of India. Three hotspots for buying puppets in Rajasthan are Udaipur, Bari and Sawai-Madhopur.

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6. Fabric Work

Think of some common words that you can associate with Rajasthan attire, block printing, tie and dye work, bandhni, color-riot, embroidery, appliqué are few of them to name. Rajasthan displays diverse patterns which is clearly visible in their fabric work. Mirror-work embroidery is another popular thing to associate with the fabric from Rajasthan these too portrays a very colourful picture of Rajasthan. The next time you visit the state of Rajasthan do indulge in the rich fabrics.

7. Metal Works

Coming to the beautiful metal works from Rajasthan now, figurines, boxes, table-tops are few of the most popularly available items. These items are stunning exemplars of metal works from Rajasthan. Brass work, engraved, enameled and filigree cut on silver are some of the metal ware from this state.  Jaipur is a hotspot to buy gorgeous metal works at affordable price ranges. ‘Marori’, ‘Chikan’ and ‘Bichi’ are idiosyncratic to Jaipur so don’t forget to add them to your shopping bag.

We know that Rajasthan is one of the most colorful cities in our country, it has so much to offer to its visitors. You would see every nukes and corners full of travellers from different places. To make your trip more memorable, you have pick up these above mentioned 7 collectibles from Rajasthan.  I hope the above list of the 7 Best Things To Buy From Rajasthan would work as really handy when you go out shopping in Rajasthan.

Have anything to share about Rajasthan ? Please do share it with us as comments.

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7 Best Things To Buy From Rajasthan

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