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Visit Rajasthali To Experience An Extravaganza Of Handcrafted Products

Jaisalmer – the Golden Beauty –Golden splendor amid the desert, engraved in yellow sandstone, atop the Trikuta Hill. It stands high against miles of glinting sand. The city epitomizes the desolate, awesome charm of the desert. It is a fantasy in yellow sand stone situated in the heart of the Thar the early morning, the city features an amber-hued, dazzling glow.  Even the sunset has a peculiar glow. With night descending over, the sky rises up in flames, which fade, leaving behind a few ambers, till it gets completely black.

Jaisalmer is known for cobbled streets, strewn with forts, palaces, havelis, and temples. Here, every house is carved exquisitely, having filigreed work all around. These houses date back to around 12th – 15th century. For this reason, Jaisalmer is also known as the “Museum City”.

Shopping in Jaisalmer is more popular for the most beautiful and fashionable embroideries. It enhances the look of every dress in a unique manner. The major and most popular shopping areas in Jaisalmer include Pansari Bazaar, Manak Chowk, Seema Gram, Sadar Bazaar, Sonaron ka Bas, Bhatia Bazaar, and the Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan (Gandhi Darshan) are just a few to name.

The bazaars of Jaisalmer are always stacked with visitors as they are located in narrow lanes. Shawls and blankets are worth a purchase in Jaisalmer. The other must buys of the city include carpets made from camel hair, attractive wall hangings and oil lamps, exquisite stonework, and crystals and unique sandstone specimen.

Rajasthali, Jaisalmer

“Rajasthali” is a Government of Rajasthan Undertaking, a flagship brand of the handicrafts marketing wing of The Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (RSIC). At Rajasthali, you get a chance to see the extravaganza of handcrafted products, especially furniture, textile, silver and lacquer jewelry, terracotta pottery, and blue pottery, among the various other traditional products from the different corners of the desert state. This government run emporium is set up to promote handicrafts and small scale industries in Rajasthan.

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The Rajasthali emporium is located at Dhibba, Ring Road, Khejar Para, Manak Chowk. You can hire a rickshaw to reach there easily.

What to Buy?

Rajasthali prides itself on the most extensive range of handcrafted textiles, each one being unique in terms of process, like patterns and color combinations along with the use of natural dyes.  Tie and dye is the signature style of this place. The printing techniques like Barmeri, Sanganer, and Bagru are equally trendy and unique.

The colorful goods sold here are bought directly by the state from local artisans. You can shop for beautiful traditional dolls and puppets and some neat little wooden crafts at this emporium. New collections and collaborations with popular designers are also announced on special occasions!

You can also pick from unique collection of Kota Doria and Akola print tasser saris among other products including running material for suits, dresses, furnishings, table and bed linen, variety of cushion covers, famous Jaipuri quilts, lovely dohars, and wall & floor decorations in embroidered and mirror work in assorted designs and colors.


The Rajasthali Emporium opens at 10.00 AM and stays open till 6.00 PM.

You can visit any time between these hours depending upon your schedule. The showroom would require on average an hour or two to explore.

When on a tour of Jaisalmer, all fabric fanatics must visit Rajasthali, Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, a highly valued and popular tourist attraction of Jaisalmer.

The showroom is, however, closed on Sundays. So, plan accordingly.

Pro Tip

Make sure to carry cash since most of the vendors may not accept card payment.

Don’t try your bargaining skills at Gandhi Darshan. You may have a sigh of relief if you don’t like bargaining. The emporium has a fixed price policy!

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Featured Photo: Havelis of yore! Patwon Ki Haveliyan by lensnmatter under CC BY 2.0

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