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A lot of Indians spend money on traveling to Europe and other parts of the world. They don’t realize that some of the world’s best treasures lie hidden in India. Rahala Falls of Manali is a gorgeous, must-visit attraction for the traveling soul.

Himachal Pradesh has long been a popular destination with Indian and foreign tourists. Mountains, valleys, thick, lush lakes and forests all exist peacefully in the state. It has something to offer for everybody and the weather is beautiful through the year. Manali is one of the most visited cities in the country and the state. Located in Kullu, Manali transformed from a small, quiet town to a bustling tourist hub over the years. The cool weather and snow capped mountains allow it to be the ideal getaway for tourists and travelers. Even Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru favored this town for his vacations. 

Chilly, cold water greets you as you visit Rahala. Photo by Free-Photos

Sunlit cafes, busy street stalls, colorful markets dot Manali making it look like a postcard. Homestays, charming apartments and hotels with stunning views stand side by side, waiting to be picked. The side effect of Manali being so popular is its done to death. There are crowds who jostle for every inch of space and the famous attractions are run down and too common. But Manali like all places still has a few secrets. Rahala Falls is an undiscovered gem in Manali.

Located at an insane height of 8,500 feet, Rahala Falls is also known as Rehala or Rahla Falls. 16 kilometres away from the busy, touristic city of Manali, lies the beautiful waterfall. Travelers also visit the Rohtang Pass and bask in the panoramic views of snowy mountains and peaks.  Rahala Falls is on the way to Rohtang Pass. You can take a quick detour and check out this famous picnic spot. Thick, cold water flows graciously from the cascade and punchbowl type of waterfall. Year long snow has made it possible for the waterfall to exist. Melting glaciers provide the water for Rahala. For the curious, this means the water is freezing cold and chilly. Surrounded by dense forests, towering trees and snowy mountains, this is ideal to stop, take  a deep breath and relax. Fresh air greets as you walk towards the spot. The weather is cool and breezy. Spread a thick blanket and enjoy the sights as you munch on fresh fruits, local delicacies and sweets. 

Photographers will be hard pressed to find a bad angle because the entire place is stunning. Rahala is like out of a fairy tale, with its wide waters and charming nooks. Rahala is also easily accessible from Manali. Manali is closely linked to the major metropolitan cities of India. You can catch a bus, train, flight or even a pony to Rahala! The steep climb is much fun if you like adventure and you hire a pony. The leisurely trot of the animal can allow you to soak in all the sights and scenes of the Rahala Falls and the pass. The best time to visit Rahala is between March and November. Winters can get extreme and roads are usually blocked so it isn’t advisable to visit Rahala. Sports enthusiasts also try trekking ot climbing up to the waterfall. The climb is not for novice trekkers or travelers. Please carry proper gear and hire a guide or trek with a group who can ensure your safety. 

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Rahala Falls has something for everything to offer for everyone. Peace lovers can visit this place to recharge themselves and feel spiritually connected. Adventure lovers can challenge themselves by capturing the snowy beasts and valleys. Take the offbeat path and visit Rahala Falls on your next holiday!

Rahala Falls, Your Special Getaway In Manali

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