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Queensland Amusement Park In Chembarambakkam, Chennai

Queensland amusement park is one of the best parks in India, located in Chembarambakkam, Chennai. Spreading over an area of 70 acres, it was established in 2003 by Rajam Hotels Private Limited. There are approximately 51 thrilling land and water rides inside the park for both adults and kids. The park is opened from 10 AM to 6:30 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday and 10 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport and the nearest railway station is Chennai Central railway station. You can avail a cab or ride your own car to reach the park. Here a bit more to this:

Queensland Amusement Park  – Everything Interesting

The Rides

The cable car is the main attraction in the park, offering a magnificent view of the entire panoramic landscape of the park. Covering an area of 1.5 km, the gondola ride is one of the longest in India. There are 80 beautifully decorated cabins for the riders as it traverses over the park waters in 30 minutes.

The Tallest Tower in South East Asia

The park is the home for the Free Fall Tower, one of the tallest towers in Southeast Asia with a seating capacity of 24 people. You can feel the adrenaline rush as you board the ride rising up to a height of 150 feet with a sudden free fall. Twining with it is the Alpen Blitz, specially manufactured from Germany. It revolves around at an angle of 45 degrees at a sufficiently high speed.

And the Crazy Land Rides

Another unique ride of the park is the Centrox. It is a 28 seater ride proudly occupying the park, one of the three such machines in the world. Rising at a height of 30 feet at an angle of 83 degrees, it rotates at electrifying speed.

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The park also has Go Kart lanes available for adventurous enthusiasts who can drive their cars maneuvering through the tracks. You can even have a horse riding experience with the Crazy Horses as you balance yourself atop the horses trying to dribble crazily in all directions.

Most of us have seen octopuses in several Discovery Channels or in some water aquariums. But have we ever thought of being entangled within the arms of the octopus? The Octopus ride in the park will deliver a similar experience. The cabins with the riders hang at the edge of the arms of the octopus, lifting up and down accompanied by rotation around its axis.

The park even offers a musical feat for the riders with an interesting ride, the Orchestra. The riders’ board blocks resembling different musical instruments like the trumpet, guitar, etc. The blocks rotate around a big umbrella-shaped carousel.

The other thrilling rides are the Enterprise gigantic wheel, the electrifying Roller Coaster, the Mini Avio, the Pirate Ship and the Bumper Cars.

The Water slides

There are several water slides in the park entertaining the audience with their fun-filled themes and activities both for adults and kids. The prominent among them is the Himalayan water ride is one of Asia’s largest water rides. The rides end up in a water pool to splash and drench all. The park also has a Frog Slide specially designed for the kids. The little ones glide along the water slide emerging from the frog’s mouth to splash inside a water pool.

Boating and Swimming

The park has a huge lake with an island in between. The lake operates several boats both high and low-speed ones. In comparison to other amusement parks in India, the boating area in Queensland is quite vast. You can also enjoy swimming and diving in the pool with family and friends in the midst of flowing waters. The park also has an American wave pool. The pool is a replica of a sea with artificial waves. Visitors can feel the essence of enjoying in the sea waters and wading across the waves.

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There are several other rides which enchant and charm the visitors throughout the day. The prominent among them are the Hanging Coaster, Oval Station for the toy train, Kids taxi, Mini wheel, Mini jet, Ventura river, Thumbrole, Half Twister, Queens Express Train, 3 Lane Slide, Mush Room, Battery scooter, Dragon Fly, Trambolin, Alpen Blitz, Space Journey, Mirror House, Disco fly and Video Plaza.

The park also consists of food joints, food courts, and restaurants to provide the varied choices of food and beverages for the visitors.

Queensland Park with its array of exclusive land and water rides is a perfect place to spend a weekend with fun and pleasure.

Featured Photo of ‘Aschaffenburg Volksfest – Riesenrad’ by Carsten Frenzl under CC BY 2.0


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