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Sometimes you need a short break from this busy life. You need to visit such a place that will make your weekend memorable and charge up your busy schedules as well. This place named Purulia can amaze you with its beautiful nature. The nature and cultural reflection of this place will help you to feel the essence of the Bengal. Purulia city is situated in the southern part of West Bengal and known as one of the most remarkable places to visit. The people who love to visit new places must have heard the name of this place city.

You may read about Purulia city India in several websites. From the websites, you will be able to know about the culture of Purulia, and you will also get to know about the beautiful nature of this place.  This is not only the great place to visit, but you will get some good accommodations at Purulia tourist place as well. There are numerous visiting places in Purulia that you should never miss. You can read the reviews of other people before you make a plan to visit this place. From the following details, you will get a good idea about the visiting places of Purulia city India.

Purulia photoPhoto by Smeet Chowdhury

The following list of places can be visited by you in Purulia city India-

  • Ayodhya hill- Ayodhya hill is one of the most wanted tourist spots in Purulia. This place has a great connection to the mythology. This valuable mythological hill is visited by a large number of tourists on a regular basis. There are many people who come here to practice mountaineering and rock climbing. This hill is 700m above from the sea level. This place is also famous for its fresh water, and beautiful nature.
  • Saheb bandh- Saheb bandh is considered as one of the vast lakes in India. This lake is covered by an area about 50 acres. Saheb bandh was constructed in the time when British were ruling India. Now this place is a great place for Migratory birds. In particular season numerous birds come to this place from outer regions like Baluchistan, Siberia and several places of Europe.
  • Joychandi pahar- this place is another remarkable spot among Purulia tourist places. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature of this place. It is preferable to hire a tour guide to visit this place. Though this place is not a part of the popular commercial tourist spot but, it has a good glamour that attracts tourists. You have to cross several villages to reach the place.
  • Deulghat- this place is one of the most popular Purulia tourist places. You will find about 15 temples over there. This is why this place is also known as the land of temples. These temples will give you the idea of ancient architecture. The Kansai river is floating behind these temples. The view the river along with the temples is marvelous.
  • Cheliama- this place will tell you about the history of Purulia very clearly. You will be able to find the touch of the rulers of Purulia who are connected to the history of this place. The ancient architecture will impress you. Another attraction of this place is the Radha Govinda temple. You will find beautiful nature, place of worship and paradise of the people of Purulia.
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Purulia photophoto by paulhami

Bottom line

The most common Purulia tourist place can leave an everlasting impression on your mind. Since the rate of tourist is getting higher day by day, the tourism of this place city India is getting developed accordingly. You may find several accommodations for fooding and lodging over there. If you have 2-3 days in your hand and you want to spend those days in a special manner, then Purulia is the perfect choice for you. This is an awesome place for short time weekend tours. Your weekend can get amazed by visiting the Purulia city and enjoying the culture of this place.

Featured Photo by Pradip Mahato

Beautiful And Serene Purulia Is An Ideal Weekend Getaway

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