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Indian food is constantly being applauded as one of the best cuisines in the world. The flavors, spices, and aromas all make it look and taste appealing. While there are several noteworthy items, Pundi is one delicious Mangalorean specialty we love.


The tastes of a country and a place lie not in the famous expensive restaurants but in the lanes. Tiny street stalls run by local men and women often serve the best food. These places are revered by locals and hidden from tourists to avoid it being run over. Culinary secrets are guarded safely by families and cooks for generations. As India’s people spread to various countries and cities, they took their food with them. You will find people of the North savoring dishes from the South vice versa. True food lovers and connoisseurs travel to far corners of India and the world to try exciting, new dishes. Some people travel to relax, some for sport and some to sample local delicacies. Food travel and food trails are a new way of travel. It is an intimate, real way of connecting to a new place, city, and state.

Most cities offer food walks and food trails for tourists and travelers. India has some prominent cuisines and most cities are a food haven for people. For example, if you are in Delhi then you must try mouth-watering chaat. Aloo tikki, chaat, pani puri are the heroes of Delhi street food. North Indian flavors reign supreme here as you can also find thick, fresh and hot parathas. They stuff them with various things such as Paneer, Aloo, Cheese etc. Go a little east and there is an entirely different world in Kolkata. Remnants of the English and Victorian ages still stand strong as you find quaint cafes serving delicate pastries and tea. Don’t forget the seafood and samosas when you are in Kolkata! The Mughals may have left long ago but their cuisine is still popular and loved in Lucknow. Non-vegetarians flock to the City of Nawabs for sumptuous Tunday Kebabs, mouth-watering tandoori items, and Sheermal, a rich dessert. Gangtok brings you Asian flavors with an Indian touch. Meat filled dumplings, noodles with broth and spicy meat peppered with local spices warms you up in the hilly and cool city of Gangtok.

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We can’t miss Mangalore out on our list of must do food walks and trails in India. A cultural hub, this Karnataka city is ideal for families, foodies, and enthusiastic tourists. The beach makes for a perfect rest stop between meals and you can watch the sunset over cool, white sands. Situated comfortably between the Southern and Western parts of India, it has a gamut of dishes for you to try. From thick, spicy gravies to savory, bite-sized snacks, you can find everything here. The list of Mangalorean delicacies includes super dishes such as Neer Dosa, Mangalore Bajji, Mangalore Buns, Kori Rotti, Patrode, and Pundi. We love our curries and buns but a special item remains Pundi. Pundi or Pundi Gatti is a rice dumpling served as a breakfast snack. Originally from Tulu region, the Pundi is served in traditional banana leaves. A tenuous process of soaking the rice, grinding it, tempering it and finally steaming it results into soft, hot round dumplings. Pundi is also served with Kori Gassi (Chicken Curry) in some parts of the city. Usually, Udupi restaurants serve it with coconut chutney. A hot, milky coffee and Pundi can be the right breakfast on a leisurely day in Mangalore. The best versions of Pundi is available in the several Udupi hotels hidden on the lanes of Mangalore or street stalls.

There is a sweet version of Pundi, made with jaggery and coconut filling available for you to try.

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Pundi, A Tasty And Soft Mangalorean Dumpling

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