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Princep Ghat also known as Babu Ghat or Outram Ghat, this place holds a very special place in my life. Dad used to be a very busy person when we were kids, so when it came to outing with him he always preferred Princep Ghat. So for me this place has a very special connection with my childhood memories. Tired of your daily busy schedules and looking for some real moments of peace? Then stop thinking and visit the Princep Ghat in Kolkata. This is a perfect destination to spend some peaceful moments near the beautiful Ghats of River Hooghly. Illuminated pathways, landscaped gardens, fountains and the beautiful Ghats of the Hooghly river everything looks just perfect to spend some real quality time with your loved ones.

History Of Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat photoPhoto by kg.abhi

Named after James Princep this Greek and Gothic style beautiful monument was built in the year 1841. This spot is one of the oldest recreational spot in the city of joy Kolkata. Mostly visited by several local and tourist in the evening hours, people come here take a stroll near the Ghats of Hooghly river indulge in some really awesome street food and get rejuvenated at the end.

The Scoop: A 40-Year-Old Eatery Which Still Exists

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There are several options available when it comes to food at the Princep Ghat. There is this one place which deserves a mention is The Scoop. You will be surprised to know that this is the only eatery running here by the Ganges. It is more than 40 years old now and still standing with pride. I remember eating ice-cream and French fries from this place and during that time it used to be an expensive affair and their options for ice cream during that era was something remarkable. One has an option to sit on the 1st floor and eat or pick up something. They have glass window on the first floor, so one can enjoy the view of the river and the Vidya Sagar Setu while eating some real junk food.

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Princep Ghat: The Lovers Point

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Looking to spend some quality time with that special someone? Then think no further and hold his\her hand and walk into this place together. What makes the Princep Ghat the perfect spot for lovers is the atmosphere. A cool and quiet place close to the river Hooghly with relentless breeze. There is something in the air at this place which makes you feel romantic automatically. Seeing the sun setting behind the Vidyasagar Setu (2nd Hooghly bridge) is an experience that you would love to share with your partner.

The Nauka Ride

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Nothing can beat the experience of a romantic ride on the Nauka available to hire at the Ghats of Hooghly river. So hire a nauka and sail off into Hooghly with your special someone. A Boat ride holding hands is definitely romantic, but what adds in more is the awesome privacy. When I say privacy, it’s like you can do almost anything you wish to, well now that totally depends on your own choice. Don’t worry about the boatmen, these guys are so professional that they automatically give all the space for the lovers. Well the Nauka Ride is just not for the lovers, everyone can enjoy the cool ride of the traditional Nauka.

Delectable Street Food

golgappa photoPhoto by kkalyan

You cannot imagine the variety of options available on this 2 Km stretch. Starting from Puchka (Gol Gappa) to having Pizza a the scoop, there is something for each and every one to tickle the taste buds to the fullest. The street food available at the princep Ghat is absolutely lip smacking. The variety includes, Gol Gappa, Jhal Muri, Gugni Chaat, Pav Bhaji, Soda Shakes, Lemon water and ice creams. My favourite is Pav Bhaji, they taste absolutely divine and what makes then taste out of the world is the cool ambience. Of you are a health freak and love to jog or walk, then do not try walking on the street of this Ghat as the smell of the scrumptious street food will leave you helpless and you might land up eating a lot of calories.

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Enjoy The Outstanding View Of The City Of Joy

golgappa photoPhoto by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)

The view from Princep Ghat is breath taking, or shall I say A treat to every eye. Visit this place during the evening as the Princep Ghat is always lit up beautifully. One can enjoy the magnificent view of the Vidya Sagar Setu, the bridge changes colours and looks absolutely celestial.

You might notice many youngsters jamming around, they play guitar or other musical instruments near the Ghats which is a delight for every visitor. So this place also displays the young and talented artist of Kolkata. Princep Ghat is also one of the best places to practise some real good photography. If you love to take selfies then this place might be the perfect back drop for one of your favourite selfies. Do visit this place once in your lifetime as it will surely give you that peace which you have been finding from ages.

Photo by kg.abhi

Princep Ghat: The Most Romantic Place In Kolkata

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