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Ponmudi Hills – The Perfect Place For Adventure And Sight Seeing

I have mentioned this in my previous articles that the Eastern Ghats is one of the most beautiful places in India but since some of the places in the ghats are difficult to reach, they do not attract much tourism. However, if any person has been to the places in these ghats he would tell you that there is no place like that in India. The popular tourist spots like Shimla and Kashmir are always crowded with people and believe it or not this somehow takes away the fun. In this article, I would be talking about one place of the Eastern Ghats which many people in India don’t know about. The name of the place is Ponmudi Hills. If you are a person who likes seeing hills, enjoy doing adventure sports or take beautiful pictures of mother nature this is the place you want to be.

Ponmudi Hills – The Perfect Place For Adventure and Sight Seeing

Scenic View - Ponmudi
Photo of ‘Scenic View – Ponmudi’ by Thejas Panarkandy under CC BY 2.0

1. Pre-arrangements

The first thing you need to do is to take valid ID proofs along with you. The reason behind this that there are certain places in this place which requires a show of ID proofs in order to enter there. Take your voter id card, aadhar card or driving licence; Do not carry your PAN card as your primary ID proof because it is not considered to be a valid identity proof. The second thing you need to carry is a medical kit in which you carry necessary medicines for fever and vomiting. Make sure you put bandages in that kit. Don’t be afraid; it is just that Ponmudi Hills is famous for trekking and if you plan on doing that these arrangements are necessary. Like I mentioned in the introduction that if you are going to this place then you need to carry your camera along with you; don’t wear clothes in which you are not comfortable in. There are many places where you would need to walk and if you won’t wear comfortable clothes then it would become a little tedious for you

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2. What are the things I can do here?

Ponmudi Hills has a lot to offer in this area. River rafting, Trekking and Paragliding are the major activities which are popular among the tourists. If you want to river raft, then you would need to travel to Kallar River. If you a person who doesn’t enjoy rafting then you could always take a bath at this river; the water here is considered to be perfect for a relaxing evening. Ponmudi Hills is considered to be a perfect place for trekking. In fact, if you ever find a rush here it would be due to the aspiring trekkers of the region. Paragliding at Ponmudi hills is considered to be very safe for all those who are beginners. If you do not enjoy all these adventure sports then don’t worry you can always go for a picnic here. There are many serene places here where you could just spread your bedsheet and sip a hot beverage; trust me it would be so peaceful that you would never want to leave the place.

Ponmudi Hill Station
Photo of ‘Ponmudi Hill Station’ by Easa Shamih under CC BY 2.0

3. Is there anyone to show around the place?

Yes. If you visit this place one thing is available in plenty and that is the tourist guides. If you are booking your trip to Ponmudi Hills then I would advise you to give this responsibility to the tour company it is considered to be a much better option than booking it from there. If for some reason the tour company fails to arrange for one then you can hire your own tour guide from Trivandrum. Make sure that you don’t hire any local there, go to the official tourism office there; they would provide you with a good and authentic one.

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4. When To Visit?

Now, this is the most important question out of all mentioned in this article. My personal advice would be to avoid visiting this place during the monsoon. Avoid months of June, August, October and November because you can expect rainfall during these months which would spoil your fun. According to me, the best place to visit any place is during the winter season because that time you can avoid the heat and rainfall; the only thing which can get a little annoying is the chilly weather. Ponmudi hills can be visited throughout the year, this is one of the places in India which manages to maintain its beauty any time of the year.

5. How to Reach?

Being a hill station, there are no direct flights or trains available for Ponmudi Hills. Whether you visit it by train or plane the distance to Ponmudi hills would be approximately 50 kilometres. The nearest station is Trivandrum Railway Station and the nearest airport is Trivandrum International airport. The best part about reaching Ponmudi Hills is that local transportation is available in plenty. If you don’t want to use local transportation then the option of renting a private car is always there.

Ponmudi, Kerala
Photo of ‘Ponmudi, Kerala’ by Rodney Jose under CC BY 2.0

6. Best Places and Popular facts

Like I said right at the beginning that places in the Eastern Ghats are still developing due to which it hasn’t managed to attract much tourism. There is a little shortage when it comes to the number of restaurants so carry snacks along with you. My personal advice to you regarding Ponmudi hills would be not to stay in a hotel. Here, you would find the concept of cottages and the treatment at these cottages are so homely that it ensures that you wouldn’t get homesick. Meenmutty Waterfalls, Kallar Waterfalls, Peppara wildlife sanctuary are among the top places which you can think of visiting when you come to Ponmudi Hills.

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Whenever we visit a certain place, we always need to make an opportunity cost. As in if I go to this place then I won’t be able to do this, however, if I go to some other place I won’t be able to do that. But Ponmudi Hills is a place where you don’t need to make such sacrifices because it literally has everything. Picnic spots, adventure sports, trekking and breathtaking views. It has everything which you can demand from a certain place and that is the reason you should pack your bags and leave for this place as soon as possible!

Featured Photo of ‘ponmudi view’ by Thejas Panarkandy under CC BY-SA 2.0



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