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Nearly half of the India population exist in villages, where numerous of them depend on the source of agriculture. You will also notice that several Hindu celebration or festivals will sometimes be openly or not connected by the agriculture and its related events. So there it is Pongal is the three day celebrated Hindu harvest festival of South India, that too especially in the state of Tamil Nadu. People who belong to Religion otherwise Hindu Devotion thank the God Almighty for making their harvest abundant and magnanimous one. At the same time, they thank the Sun which is the God for the people who do agriculture.

According to by the Hindu tradition method of the estimate, the Sun, getting touched the southernmost mark, bounces to the north once more then returns to the Capricorn which calls the sign by Makara, that would be normally on 14th of January . So the festival every year fall on January 14. This festival is even celebrated in the state of Srilanka.

The meaning of Pongal in Tamil word is “overflowing”. This festival indicates good desires, prosperity, wealth and richness.

Pongal- The Seasonal Celebration

This celebration is straight away connected with the yearly cycle of the seasons. Not only the festival is celebrated for the harvesting purpose but also for the seasonal withdrawal of southeast rainy season in south part of India. As the change of this season take back the old and bring out the new, so that is the arrival of Pongal is related to the removing the old and burning the waste then they welcome their new prosperity.

Three-day celebration 

Before the advent, that is the day before the Pongal people used to call it as Bhogi day. Where on that occasion they use to clean their houses and discarded the old items.

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The First Day– Day one is called the Surya Pongal or the Thai Pongal. This day is to rejoice, thank and devoted to the Sun God called Surya Dev. People in the village used to prepare food from the products got from that year harvest and place it in front of the Sun and thank him for the good harvest.

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The second Day – This day is called the Mattu Pongal or the Thanksgiving Day to the god, the day next to Surya Pongal. This day celebration is to give a sign of respect for the cattle which are the best friends of Farmers. They do help in the agriculture a lot. The Cows are especially honored during the second day. The horns of the cows are colorfully painted and they are well decorated with lovely flowers and tasty fruits and taken for a march then permitted to freely graze that day.

The Third Day – The final day of the festival is called to be the Kannum Pongal day. In this day, the young people will pursue blessings from the elders. The friends, family members and relatives reunion on this day and have fun. All usually drive for exploring, shopping then has chitchats with families and friends.

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Similar to other Hindu Festivals, this festival also carries some fascinating facts involved in it. However shockingly you will not find any mentions of this festival in Puranas that normally stand up with legends then tales that are related to festivals. That is maybe due to Pongal is predominantly the Dravidian harvest celebration and someway achieved to retain the dominance of the Indo-Aryan inspirations. Therefore, Pongal day is for peace also happiness for everyone.

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Pongal The Harvest Festival Of South India

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