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After moving into to the South India, I hit my very first vacation to that corner of India that is in all senses Forever France. Well! Pondicherry has truly given me enough reasons to call it forever France, as it indeed stands out and shines with the true essence of French culture in every bit of it. Well it definitely as a pleasant mix of Tamilians too. Located around 160 kilometres from Chennai, lies Pondicherry along the coast of Bay of Bengal. Pondicherry officially became Puducherry in the year 2006. Today I will be taking you around the French Colony in Pondicherry, a small place with a big heart and will surely make you fall in love.


The French Colony

Talking about the French colony in Pondicherry, if you take a walk through the lanes you will see this lovely amalgamation of two very different cultures, the French Of course and the Tamilian. Beautiful mansions all around this colony are coloured in white and yellow. One more interesting thing here is the names of the streets, they are displayed in 2 languages French and Tamil. An Old-Fashioned place yet so fascinating that it will make you curious enough to explore each and every bit of it.

Pondicherry French Colony photoPhoto by nevil zaveri (thank you for 10million+ views 🙂

Top Things To Do In French Colony

So are you looking forward to explore this quaint little place, then let me take the pride of taking you through this beautiful journey.  Here I have listed Top Things to do in the French Colony to make your visit to Pondicherry even more worthwhile.

1. Say No To Car

I remember my husband and I hired a motorbike to explore this city to the fullest. Yes, its hot and humid here but trust me the beauty of this city can’t be seen from a packed car. The best way is to either try out some pedal power by taking a cycle or a motor bike. One cannot miss to watch out for the beautiful sunrise on the coast, what can be better way to start your vacation than this one. If you are looking at exploring every bit of the French colony, then bicycle is the best mode. Bicycle and motorbikes are easily available to hire from the Mission Road which is just 3 kilometres from this little france. Spend an entire day exploring the beautiful beaches and churches around the French colony.

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2. Check Out The Fantastic Wall Arts

Around the French Colony you can see some real Street Art. We were just hopping around on this snowy white street in the French colony and we came across the walls on the streets which were slapped on with beautiful painting. The best thing about these paintings are is that these are drawn by the travel artists, these artists like to leave back their artistic shadows seems. Isn’t that a wonderful thing, I wish every Indian also becomes this fascinated about art and paints all the walls in their city this will indeed make India even more beautiful.

3. Lip Smacking Food @ French Colony

I stayed at Pondicherry for 4 days, and if you ask me which café was my favourite I would probably have no answer. This is because I find it quite unfair to judge ant one cafe around the French Colony. Each and every café in and around the French colony is unique in its own way, be it their signature dishes or their ambience. I decided to put down all the names I remember tough, do try the Cafe Des Arts, Le Maree, Tanto Pizzeria, Auroville bakery, Le Dupleix , Surguru, and Le Chateau.

4. A walk on the Beach Road

I feel this activity is one of the best thing I did on my entire vacation. The Promenade beach is one of the most popular landmark in the city Pondicherry. If you walk a walk around this extraordinary beach you will get to see the French war memorial and also the Gandhi Statue. Both these are placed on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The best part about this street is that it is a No Vehicle Zone and also free from pollution.

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My trip to Pondicherry holds a very special place in my heart, but by stay in the French colony is definitely something that I just cannot forget. To be true, 2 days in Pondicherry would be more than enough to explore this city, but there is surely something magical about this place which holds you and call you back again and again. My next trip to Pondicherry is planned this year end, when are you planning?

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Pondicherry French Colony: India’s Little France

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