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I love plants and this is one reason why it is one those hobbies which gives me a lot of relaxation. We all have been taught that plants are living beings and we shouldn’t hurt them , this is why I always talk to them. My granny used to tell me talking to plants makes them happy and a result to which they grow faster, don’t know how true it is but plantation is quiet therapeutic for me .

Plants = Good\Bad Luck ?

What do you think planting trees in the house does, apart from bringing greenery? This is one question which when asked to any Indian, might get you unbelievable answers and information. Yes its true! Will you believe me if I tell you that planting a tree can give you much more than oxygen, fruits and vegetables? Ok don’t get confused I will explain what I am trying to say.

The main reason why people plant trees in an around their house is to ensure good health of their family members. But many Indians believe that planting certain specific plants can give you much more than good health. People even believe that plants are driven by Vaastu, in any case if the plants aren’t giving good outcomes the reason is mainly due to incorrect Vaastu. Place and direction plays a vital role in determining the location of certain plants, however if the same standards’ are not met the results can be bad.

Good & Bad Effects & Benefits Of Plants

India as we know is known for its tradition and culture, and they carry their beliefs very strongly. We all must have seen people praying in front of trees or plants, today I am going to tell you the good and bad effects of planting some plants .

1. Bargad \Vat \ Banyan Tree

This is one of the most respected trees in India, known by three different names like Bargad \Vat \ Banyan tree. The Bargad tree is known to possess the ability to grow and survive for over centuries. In the Hindu mythology this tree is often compared to the shelter given by God to his devotees and hence known as the Kalpavriksha. Indians believe the banyan tree grants any wish true and also provides other material gains. It represents Trimurti, where the bark is believed to be Lord Vishnu, the roots are Lord Brahma and the branches are Lord Shiva. The East direction is considered to be the best direction to plant a banyan tree, however if the direction is opposite then it is considered unfavourable.

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2. Neem Tree

The Neem tree\plant is one the most ancient trees in India recognized for its medicinal properties. However people in India do not prefer to have one in their house. For over 1000 years the useful properties of the Neem have been hugely recognized by the Indian tradition. In fact each and every part of the neem tree is said to have some medicinal properties.

3. Tulsi \ Holy Basil

In India we worship the Tulsi, be it any religious occasions Tulsi is always offered to the gods. Tulsi is grown in almost all Hindu households, people grow Tulsi for a very well-established reason and that is that this inexpensive and humble herb is loaded with benefits. Tulsi is considered to be an image of Goddess Lakshmi, this holy plant has the ability to kill any negative energy prevailing in the house. In India placing the Tulsi in the south direction is proved to be beneficial. This is a super plant which apart from religious importance also has great benefits, like it can ward off some common illnesses, helps to build immunity, combat any bacterial or viral infections and much more.

4. Banana Tree

This is one tree which is considered to be immensely important for religious reasons. In India People worship the Banana trees on every Thursday, and the leaves of the Banana trees are also used in many religious ceremonies, wedding and festivals. The best considered directions for the Banana tree is the Northeast direction. It is also believed, that anyone who studies under the shade of the banana tree tends to learn and grab things faster.

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5. Bamboo

The bamboo plant is said to bring luck, hence it is considered to be a very good plant to plant in the home. It is believed that the bamboo plants brings prosperity and also has the potential give you success in all your endeavours.

7. Mango Tree

We have seen Mango trees near many homes, but do you know in India people believe that the mango trees planted near the houses are not good and does a lot of harm. Yes people in India believe that children are the prime targets and get affected by the Mango trees. People to combat this negativity often plat some other tree which is considered auspicious near the Mango tree, like neem, coconut and the Ashoka tree.

India is full of Vivid stories, I have grown up listening to many such stories . Thought they sounded fascinating to me then but it’s quite unbelievable. I often think how can the beautiful green trees or plants do any harm, I haven’t felt any yet. A strange question isn’t it ? Ask yourself if you believe it too.

Photo by Swami Stream

Plants For Prayer And Prosperity

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