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Modern lifestyle is resplendent with various types of challenges and uphill tasks. This is the reason that one needs to unwind so that they can adequately face the daunting tasks which life throws at them. In case you happen to be a resident of Kolkata and have run out of places to plan day trips or weekend plans, these Kolkata farmhouses are ideal places where you can unwind in a proper manner. Moreover, these Kolkata farmhouses are located close to the city, and this is the reason that it would not be that difficult to visit them. Quite interestingly, a majority of the sports all the modern day amenities with the help of which you can make sure that your weekend trip is devoid of difficulties. Besides, they are located in the tranquil environment which further boosts their popularity among the prospective visitors.

The list of Kolkata farmhouses one needs to visit

These Kolkata farmhouses are one of those places where you can familiarize yourself with proper surroundings that are set in a rustic environment. But despite being arranged in a rough environment, they are one of those places where you can find all modern day amenities. The antiques and wood carvings found in these Kolkata farmhouses are ideal to take you back to the past. In other words, they are full of serenity and calmness and are the best places where you can enjoy your day or weekend off in a proper manner. Here is the list of Kolkata farmhouses where you can stay and enjoy your weekend.

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Photo by Vijay Sonar

The Bawali Farmhouse

The Bawali Farmhouse is one of those farmhouses where you can face to face with real Bengali culture. The Bawali Farmhouse comprises of 12 ethnic cottages that are located in the countryside. Moreover, this farmhouse would offer you with various accommodation facilities in the form of Mud House, Tree House, Mud Hut and five-bed family rooms. These variations make this farmhouse feature in the top of the interest list for the travelers. You can also run wild across the perimeter of the green fields, and you can also enjoy the local tea that is available in the tea corner. Moreover, make it a point that you do not miss the Bengali food that is being served at the grand dining hall. The price for one-night stay is 1900 INR, and you can book them on a prior basis.

The Garden Bungalow

It is one of those places which best describes the word serenity in a nutshell. The Garden Bungalow is situated across the abode of Tagore-Shantiniketan. Each corner of the house depicts a different piece of Bengali culture. It has a lush green garden from which its name Garden Bungalow is being derived. It also comprises of a lot of ponds with blooming lotuses. In other words, the Garden Bungalow has a perfect environment where you can take long and peaceful walks. The Garden Bungalow comprises of four suites, and each of them is decorated with carved wooden paintings and shutter windows. It is located near Prantik, and the nearest railway station is Bolpur.

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Roadend Farmhouse

The Roadend Farmhouse is located on five acres of land and is best known to sport the local rustic culture. You can even find a farming area in the vicinity of this Roadend farmhouse. Moreover, you can also find a boat in the pond with the help of which you can catch fish. It also boasts of 50 seats in a banquet hall where you can organize parties and hold significant conferences. You can also find a badminton court and large swings beside the large playground. The approximate cost for one person per night is 3500 INR, and in this vast stadium, you can play a lot of games. In other words, this farmhouse is the perfect spot to unw8ind in a proper manner. It is situated in Minto Park and is two hours away from Bibirhat Road.

Featured Photo byVijay Sonar

Plan A Relaxing Retreat At Kolkata Farmhouses- Your Gateway To Tranquility

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