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Jammu and Kashmir is often termed as “Heaven on Earth” and rightfully so; it has everything to be termed that. It is said that if you want to experience a fraction of a slice of Heaven then you should definitely visit Jammu and Kashmir. All the people who have visited Jammu and Kashmir have tried to explain the beautifulness about it but all of them have failed miserably. Like, it is said that somethings cannot be described in words, well Jammu and Kashmir acts as a perfect example in this regard. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and there are many reasons, which help it, become one. Jammu and Kashmir is considered to be at the top of the list when it comes to natural beauty, it is said that it is the perfect place to have your honeymoon with your loved one and it can be adventurous for a troop of friends. All this adds up to make Jammu and Kashmir one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. There are numerous places which you can visit in Jammu and Kashmir and trust me every place you visit here will make you say “Wow”; I will try and tell you about the 7 places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

7 Places To Visit in Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar photoPhoto by Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah

1. Srinagar

When talking about the best places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir, the first place, which comes to my mind while talking about Jammu and Kashmir, is the summer capital, Srinagar. It is located on the banks of Jhelum River and is famous for quite a few things. The most famous and popular spot happen to be the Dal Lake and the colorful houseboats or better known as “Shikhara”. If you plan to take a few things back for your family and friends then you can purchase Kashmiri handicrafts like rugs, shawls and carpets; they are really cheap and have great durability. Dry fruits and Saffron are among the other things Srinagar is famous for.

Pahalgam photoPhoto by BOMBMAN

2. Pahalgam

The second place to make it to the list of 7 places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir is Pahalgam. It is 90 kilometers away from Srinagar and it should not take you more than 2 hours to reach here if you choose to travel using NH 444 and NH 501. It is a little town but is very beautiful, it has a very rich cover of vegetation and the forest contains mostly conifers (trees that have needle like leaves). Here, you will find many rare, protected and endangered species. Brown bear, Leopard, Grey Langur, Wild bears, Musk deer and numerous exotic mountain birds have been spotted here. The place is always being patrolled by the Indian army because of illegal border crossings but arrangements have been to keep the area safe for tourists

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Gulmarg photoPhoto by shahbasharat

3. Gulmarg

The reason why I have mentioned Gulmarg is because of the roads you have to travel through in order to reach this place. Trust me, the rice fields, wild flowers and more importantly the beauty of nature will make you fall in love with this place. Viewpoint is a point where travelers stop to soak in the fresh air and watch the beautiful landscape of this particular place. It is 50 kilometers away from Srinagar and if you take the Srinagar-Tangmarg road, it should not take you more than 1 hour 20 minutes to reach Gulmarg. Earlier it used to be called by the name of Gaurimarg until the 16th century when Mughal Emperor Yusuf Shah christened it as Gulmarg. All these things adds up to the fact that Gulmarg deserves to be in this list of 7 places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

Udhampur photoPhoto by Ravi_30201

4. Udhampur

Udhampur happens to the second largest city in the region of Jammu. When you visit this place, you will realize that eucalyptus trees surround the place, which looks beautiful. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir and if you have a little taste in History then this is certainly the place where you want to be because Udhampur seriously has a lot to offer you. Kirmachi temples, River Devika(which is considered to be the sister of River Ganga), Ramnagar fort, Sudh Mahadev temple, Moungri Cave shrine and Pinga Mata temple are places which you should definitely visit when you visit Udhampur. Udhampur is certainly a necessary mention in the list of 7 places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

kashmir photoPhoto by BOMBMAN

5. Doda

The fifth place, which I would like to mention in this list of 7 places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir, is Doda. Out of all the places in Jammu and Kashmir Doda is one place, which can never get a mixed response. The reason for that is simple “Natural Beauty” Doda is gifted by nature with the beautiful landscapes, which makes it popular among the tourists. It is a perfect place for nature lovers and those people who are a little adventurous. If you want to make your holiday a little more relaxing then you can go for the easy trekking routes or if you are looking for a more adventurous trip then you can go for activities like rock climbing and mountaineering. Bhaderwah, Chinta, Kishtwar valley, Chandi Mata Temple and Athra Devi Temple are a few places which you should definitely visit when reach here.

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Patnitop photoPhoto by chetanpathak1974

6. Patnitop

Patnitop is one of the few places in Jammu region, which is acknowledged for its beauty, and many other fun activities. You can enjoy trekking, paragliding, rappelling, camping and rock climbing at Patnitop. For all those individuals who just want to stare at nature’s beauty then Panitop is the perfect place for you. You can visit Gourikund or even get a look at the holy Kaislash Parvat. For all those nature lovers out there make sure you take a walk at the Pine forest. Kud is a village located not very far from Patnitop; you should visit it if you want to enjoy mesmerizing sweets.

Ladakh photoFeatured Photo by irumge

7. Ladakh

Ladakh is the last place to be mentioned in this list of 7 places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir. I had saved the best for the last because Ladakh is certainly one place which can’t be missed out when we are talking about the best places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir. It is no secret to anyone in the world that it is one of the most intriguing places in India and throughout the globe. Anyone could get photogenic up here. There are so many things which one can talk about when it comes to Ladakh; Humped Bactrian camels, monks, mountain goats, the amazing landscape are just a few things which makes Ladakh so special. Since it is a hot destination for tourists, you would come across many hotels to stay, rest and eat. Hiring jeeps may prove to be a little expensive so people generally prefer to walk on foot or in their bikes.

Therefore, these are the 7 places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir. Let me remind you again, that there are numerous number of places, which you can visit in Jammu and Kashmir; unfortunately, I cannot mention all of them here so I picked up my top 7 favorite places here. Make sure you visit all of them whenever you visit Jammu and Kashmir.

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