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Vishakapatnam is one of the important cities in Andhra Pradesh.  It is located amidst the Eastern Ghats on the Coast of Bay of Bengal.  It is also the administrative headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command of our Navy. This city is also a Tourist Hotspot, what with the scenic Araku Valley, golden beaches, religious temples and nature-blessed Wildlife Sanctuaries to explore.

  1. Araku Valley

One of the top attractions near Vishakapatnam is the Araku Valley.  Located in the middle of Eastern Ghats, it is a perfect weekend escape for most people in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana.

araku valley photo

Photo by thotfulspot

This scenic locale is just 120 kms from the city center. The 5-hour train journey to Araku includes 58 tunnels and 84 bridges.  Once here you can…

  • Visit the Borra caves to view the astonishing Stalaclites and Stalagmite formations  of  Karstic Limestone
  • Take up Trekking (the surroundings) and swimming (in the river nearby) activities
  • Reach the Gali Konda Viewpoint to gaze at the best parts of the valley from the top
  • Understand tribal life and arts here by visiting Tribal museum
  • Kartiki waterfall is nearby
  • Try out the Aroma rich Coffee of Araku.
borra caves photo

Photo by thotfulspot

  1. Simhachalam temple

This is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha (a form of Lord Vishnu with boar head, human body, and Lion’s Tail). It is one of the most important temples of the Vaishanavites

This temple is connected to the city of Places to visit in and near Vishakapatnam by frequent bus and cab services.

  1. Kailasagiri

It is a park situated at a 360ft tall hill in the city.  Huge statues (40ft) of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi have been installed in this park. Other attractions here are

  • Facilities for kids play and
  • Paragliding facilities
  • Ropeway
  • Cable car to view landscape of the city

4. INS Kurusura Submarine

The INS Kurusura submarine was in Indian Navy service until 2001.  When it was decommissioned it was converted into a museum at the golden RK beach in this sea-side city.  It contains pictures, artifacts, and stories of sailors who traveled and conquered the high-season it.

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Not only does this museum show the know-how of the submarine,  it also mirrors the lives of sailors at sea, living in crammed places and using limited resources at the same time monitoring  the coastal areas of our country,

  1. Rishikonda beach

This beach has a title Jewel of the East Coast.  Its smooth golden sand and blue waters are alluring to the eye. Its shallow water for is safe for swimming, even for kids.

People visiting also make a beeline for the various beach activities available here.  Expert supervision is also available on this beach.

Other beaches you can check out in Vizag (Vishakapatnam for short) are Yarada Beach and Bheemili beach.

  1. Kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary

This sanctuary covers an area of 70+ sq km and was established in March 1970. A dry evergreen forest, it is covered with scrubs and meadows and is home to amazing Flora and Fauna.

Flora varieties found here are Neem tree, Indian Thorny Bamboo, Mountain pomegranate, Bush plum trees, Indian Fig Trees, White Fig trees, Banyan Trees, Teak, Indigo tree, Jamun tree and more.

Inside you may chance to see many animals like Jackals, spotted deer, Indian Cobra, Rat snake, Jungle cat, porcupines, Asian Palm Civet Boars, and hares.  Some rare animals found here are Madras Tree shrew, Rusty Spotted cat, Russell viper, and Indian Pangolin, Indian Python, Indian Leopards, and Indian Wild dog.  Birds are aplenty. There are some rare ones too such as the Grey Francolin, Indian Golden Oriole, White-Bellied Sea Eagle Barn Owl, and Indian Grey Hornbill.

This sanctuary supports different species of butterflies too that include Peacock Pansy, Blue Tiger, and Monkey Puzzle.  Visit this Wildlife Sanctuary and checklist all these flora and Fauna varieties that our nature has bestowed to this area.

  1. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
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This third largest Indian zoo is located in the middle of Kambalakond Reserve.  There are more than 75 species of animals inside this zoo which include rare birds and mammals.  You can also use the facilities of Battery cars, a Canteen, Library and Biosphere learning center inside this zoo.

pangolin photoPhoto by USFWS Headquarters

Please note that this zoo is closed on Mondays.

  1. Shopping

Whenever you go to a new city, you would want to pick up something memorable to remind you of that place in the future.  The best place to pick up something memorable in this city of Andhra Pradesh is its Bazaars or markets.  The famous ones and their specialty are:

  • Kurupam Market – Gold jewelry, herbs,
  • 1 Town – for puja items, Jewellery of all kinds, Ayurveda ingredients, Books, Clothes, flowers
  • Kummari Veedhi – Potters lane with beautiful earth ware
  • Old Book market – a popular haunt for educational book enthusiasts also a place to taste hot jalebis and samosas
  • New colony market – organic beauty products, special vermicelli
  • Nehru Bazaar –oil and spice vendors, grocery, furniture, street food
  • Poorna Market – wholesale products, groceries, seafood, stone cooking implement, cane and bamboo products, fancy clothes at boutiques.
  • Rythu bazaar – Farmers’ market with 80 shops, both veg, and non-veg products available here. Rice pulses, fruits can be purchased directly from the farmer at a nominal price.
  • Fish market – for the best seafood from the Bay of Bengal such as lobster, sharks, squid, mackerel, squid and more.

If you have more time on hand also visit – Matsyadarshini aquarium, Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple, Vishaka Museum, Dolphin Nose, TU142 Aircraft Museum.

Featured Photo by Rajib Ghosh

Places To Visit In And Near Vishakapatnam

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