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Places Of Interest In Peermade

Every hill station has a different story to tell. While some are popular for snow-capped mountains others are famous for weekend getaways and yet other for tea plantations, but Peermade is a hill station that lets you to enjoy everything under one roof. Located in Kerala, the destination exudes charm and beauty of its own.

The city has taken its name from Peer (Muslim saint), Mohammad, who was known to be the first spice trader of the region. For long, the place was a retreat for the royal family.

Places Of Interest In Peermade

1. Thrissanku Hills

Located 4 km from Peermade, Thirkassu Hills is an ideal destination for long walks and mindless strolling. The hills offer a splendid view of sunrise and sunset. Cool breeze, extraordinary view of the Western Ghats, fresh air, describes this place the best. The nearest railway station is Kottayam.

2. Madammakkulam

Hidden among the lofty peaks of Peermedu, Madammakkulam Waterfalls is the perfect tourist destination. The cascading waterfall is sandwiched between deep woods and is known for wildlife and the picturesque beauty that greets the visitors in its own way. This waterfall is named after the British Lady, who frequently visited this place.

3. Panchalimedu

The hill station is made up of several hills and the name is christened from two words Panchali and medu. Panchali refers to the wife of Pandavas from the great epic Mahabharta and Medu signifies the lush green forests. As per the legend, Pandavas with their wife lived in this region when they were sent to exile. There is a cave that has footprints of Bheema embedded within it. Apart from that, there is a small temple dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, where one can witness the remnants of Shivalings, thrishul, snake idols, etc. There is a small pond there known by the name of Panjali Kulam, where Pandavas wife Panchali used to cleanse herself. The western side of the cliff points towards Mundakkayam and Kanjirappilly. It is a definite must visit place for the historic buffs.

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4. Kuttikanam

If adventure drives you crazy, then this destination is meant for you. The fantastic trails, breath-taking view, lush green forests, make it an ideal vacation spot. Apart from that, the place is rich in tea and cardamom plantations. The tourists can also spot bison, monkey, and other animals here. Enriched with flora and fauna, the destination is truly ethereal. Trekking is the best possible way to explore this destination.

5. Grampi

The tourists might get overwhelmed by the smell of tea, coffee and cardamom, as soon he/she enter this place. Located 5 km away from Peermade, the destination is also referred to as Parunthupara or eagle rock. The amazing trekking trails coupled with panoramic and serene surroundings and a stretch of green forests make this place highly frequented by the visitors.

6. Amrithamedu

Popularly called as Kurisumala or Hills of Cross are a famous pilgrimage center and trekkers paradise. During the Easter festival, the devotees climb the hill and they need to cover at least 14 points, each one symbolizing the sojourn journey of Jesus Christ. Here one can witness the tea plantations, rich flora, and fauna, etc. The destination even has the highest point in Kuttikanam region in Idukki district.

7. Peeru Hills

This destination always remains on the priority list of the trekkers. The name is christened after the name of Muslim Saint Peer Mohammed, who spent last days of his life here. The cool temperature and plethora of beautiful sites including a mausoleum dedicated to this saint, the residence of Diwan, makes it a wonderful destination to visit.

All in all, Peermade is a hill station that describes the splendid beauty of nature in its own way.

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Featured Photo: Scenic Valley View by Kumaravel under CC BY 2.0

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