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Peruru is the small village located close to the Amlapuram at the east Godavari district of coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is the old village that is been all around for centuries, yet what creates Peruru so exciting?

Peruru is one of the few villages in the region that is been picked to stay by their traditional heritage architecture although the rest of the state around them as been modernized. Might be it is a small place, but even the quick visiting by any non-discerning visitor would probably leave the impact. Making a march at Peruru village is similar to the walk by a centuries old Andhra town.
The houses there we keep on unchanged for almost few hundred years, utmost of all the roads are still the same old mud roads, there are also ancient temples similar like the had in the past, and then there is there is clear peace in the place.

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History of Peruru

The town holds a very much interesting story and that everyone must know about it. It is been said that there are a huge number of Vedic Brahmin scholars has been migrated. But certain research says that it is not by migration by force or else choice, however, their movement had an outcome of a marriage between children of two kings- one is from the present day Andhra Pradesh and the one more is from the present day Tamil Nadu. Since Rani Ammanga Devi relocated from the banks of river Kaveri towards the banks of river Godavari, where a huge number of Brahmin priests accompanied and came along also later settled here. These people are supposed to be called the Konaseema Dravidulu.

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A lot more things have been converted recently and then the original Tamil population is been entirely incorporated into the local culture and a there slight touch of Tamil seen any longer. Since the population was erudite even then, they sustained to offer heavy importance to education also too at the pre-Independent India, utmost many of the people were educated and a lot more went for higher education on top. By having more chances at independent India, United States comes to be the desired place to study and that is how the huge portion of the population shifted there. It is jokingly even said that in every household as a minimum one member is in America.

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The huge populations who are outside India also return the money back home and were actually specific about conservation of their heritage. The Money that is been spent is not merely for their families however it also to upkeep their ancient homes. Although a lot of people not live here, yet it is been filled by the huge mansion like old as well as heritage houses.

In case if the village is said to settle due to migration centuries earlier, it is now being kept complete because of a different wave of migration to another country. It is a pretty much weird connection.

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Reaching Peruru?

Peruru could be effortlessly mapped on by Google maps in addition to its ideal one to follow also you can sometimes ask for directions. The nearby largest city is the Rajahmundry where it also got an excellent airport through connecting flights from the capital city Hyderabad.

If in cash you are picking up a car then it would around 3-4 hours from anywhere. Also, the cab facility is easily available.Or else you can prefer to reach Vijayawada first and then you can choose your own cab or car from there on. Once reached this Peruru village, then you will really love the ambiances.

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Peruru –The Traditional Village In Coastal Andhra Pradesh

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