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For the likes of many travellers, Kerala is a place where all their dreams come true. The same applies to the Periyar National Park. The Periyar National Park is located in Thekkady district of Kerala. It is one of the perfect examples of nature’s bounty that is resplendent with rich biodiversity and great scenic beauty. The Periyar National Park is also quite popular for the Periyar Lake that lies within its periphery. It is one of the protected areas for tigers and elephants.

Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park photoPhoto by rufus.kahler


Being one of the most renowned and well-known national parks in South India, it is also quite popular for Periyar National Park Safari. It is interesting to note that many of the intense valleys that lie within this wildlife sanctuary are resplendent with thick vegetation that attracts a lot of elephants. Quite interestingly, many of the areas around the national park are interspersed with marshy grasslands which serve as an ideal location for elephants. This also acts as a suitable place for many wild animals to catch their prey.


The history of the Periyar National Park can be traced back to the 12th century when the surrounding areas were under the reign of the Pandayas. The Pandayas built a dam inside the present known Periyar National Park. It created an artificial lake in the area which nowadays stands at the center of this wildlife sanctuary. This artificial lake is known as Periyar National Lake. This wildlife sanctuary is also quite famous for its popular Periyar National Park Safari. It was also used by many royals as a hunting ground to shoot down many wild animals.

Periyar National Park photoPhoto by dalbera

How to reach ?

There are numerous options available to reach the National Park. If you are considering air transport, the nearest airport to this majestic national park is situated in Madurai. It is around 140 kilometers away from Periyar. If you are considering enjoying the travelling experience rendered by Indian Railways, the nearest railway station is the Kottayam Railway Station. It is 116 kilometers away from Periyar. On the other hand, you can easily reach the Periyar National Park by road as it is well connected to various cities in South India.

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Flora and fauna

If you are an avid lover of wildlife, you can stay in the National Park Hotels that are customized to suit the likes of travellers like you. It is interesting to note that the Periyar National Park is interspersed with high growth of deciduous forests. However, in the western part of this sanctuary, the forest is a bit dry. You can stay in numerous National Park Hotels to enjoy the view of Periyar Lake. You can also witness a large number of trees in the form of sandalwood, rosewood, mango and tamarind.

As it is a widely accepted fact that the National Park has an area of 640 square kilometers, it is a common sight to see many wild animals. All these sights make the journey of a traveller worthwhile. This national park is popular for tigers and elephants and you should opt for Periyar National Park Safari to witness and capture the lives of wild animals. It is also an important biosphere reserve for Asiatic wild elephants too. This national park is home to more than 270 species of birds. You can bask in the chirping of these birds by staying at Periyar National Park Hotels. These hotels are located quite close to the park and you can see many birds.

The Periyar Lake is also quite popular for drawing a large number of tourists. Sitting beside this majestic lake is an experience one would not forget for a long time. However, always make sure that you have the permission of the forest guards before venturing out as it is a wildlife sanctuary. There are also 30 species of reptiles that gives this national park its own charm.

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Periyar National Park – Explore The Unknown Aspects Of Wildlife

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