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India is a place full of mysteries, fictions, mythologies and folklores, undoubtedly West Bengal is not an exception on this. There are so many places full of mysteries and myths around, which in some cases either have become part of its culture or a popular folklore. Sometimes it is so intensely attached to our believes that its almost become impossible to identify the truth behind or the actual fact beneath, the Peer Baba’s Pukur is one of them!

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Peer Baba’s Pukur : A simple pond having not so simple myth around

  • The Peer Baba’s pond is located in Ashoknagar which is one of the well known town in North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal having two of the renowned parks of the state like Millennium Science Park and Shanghati Park. This town is one of the oldest planned town made during the post British period by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. However, in today’s topic these facts are not that relevant where as what is more important to mention at the beginning is that, this place was actually found in the era of The Great Emperor Ashoka which is unknown to a lot of people. We will talk about that a little later!
  • There are many ponds (Pukur in bengali) in Ashoknagar where as this particular pond is having a  scaring folklore associated with. Since long back the residents in generations living nearby  used to say that, this Pond takes at least one life every year without fail! There is something in this pond which all of a sudden drag you from the surface while swimming in a specific area near  the middle of it to the underneath, no trace of blood has ever been seen however after a few hours the body will automatically float to the surface as if it’s just a normal case of being drowned. There are many people died in this pond who used to swim since their childhood ignoring the folklore behind and in fact they were excellent swimmer. Although no one ever have sighted anything nearby like ‘Loch Ness’ or something like it! Rather people around said it happened every year at least with one, since the time The Great Emperor Ashoka created this pond, so probably this had been happening since 2000 years back!!

The Unknown History Of Peer Baba Pukur

Folklore says, The Great Emperor Samrat Ashoka before going for battle somehow passing by this area when there was nothing except a few farmers used to stay and live here and there. It was said that the actual battle field was far away from where they had started the journey which made the entire troop very tired. This is the reason Samrat asked his troop to stay for 2 days in this place and then move ahead. However, on the first night Samrat had got a dream from some unknown Goddess who commanded him to search for an Idol of her and start offering Puja for her failing which Samrat will never win the battle and all his troop will be perished! The next day morning only Samrat asked all of his troop to start digging in that area in the form of ‘Well’ (Kua in bengali). It was said during the first day there were only 3 wells they were able to dig however were deepest in history. Unfortunately they found no trace of any Idol! Next day again they started digging and finally they found an Idol under the seventh well. Samrat then created a small Mandir inside that well only and offered Her puja as commanded. The farmers made aware of this fact and were being asked to offer the puja everyday without fail and Samrat left the place to move ahead for the Battle. It was heard He won the battle however never came back to this place, although the name of this place was already rumoured after the name of the Great Emperor Samrat Ashoka!

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Days, years even centuries passed by and people slowly forgot to offer puja to Her and the place become isolated with no memories attached. Gradually due to its depth it became a huge Pond with seven wells buried deep inside keeping the lost Mandir in their lap. To everyone who were not aware of the history it was just a simple pond however slowly people started finding more about this pond when their near and dears were getting drowned in this pond without any reason!

The Scaring part of it!

When this place went under water and became a pond of crystal clear water because of its unnatural depth, many people used to come there just to swim or take a refreshing bath. It became immensely popular due to its refreshing post bath feeling as if someone just have got a bath from some sacred water. Nobody realised or even bothered why they were getting such a sacred feeling without any reason. Suddenly after a few years people from different places coming for bath or swimming were getting drowned! In fact everyone knew that in the middle of the pond the water was unnaturally heavy due to which people used to avoid this part for swimming except the so called expert swimmers. However as per few of the survivors those who went in the middle by chance have described, something down there would drag the feet all of a sudden so hard that it almost become impossible to resist in water. Though as per them you only experience it near a specific area in the middle but everywhere. The survivors also mentioned, it was neither an animal nor a fish nor something they had experienced before. Also, there was no sighting of anything unusual nearby or any specific timing had been identified like during any festival or the other way around. Only part was that, slowly people started avoiding this pond at least for swimming and going in the middle, as for them it became a place of some spirit un till someday they got to know the truth or so called history behind it. This is the time, when an unknown ‘Peer Baba’ or ‘Fakir’ (A Saint) who came to this place and told the story behind to the localites. Since then not only this Pond has been named after him but also they started offering Puja again only were unsure of which Goddess to address!

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It was heard that during British period, some British’s got interested with this pond and agreed to send Divers underneath  the pond to explore the hidden facts, however due to lack of sophisticated machineries and the depth of the pond they were not able to stay long under it. Only thing they mentioned that they were able to see few artefacts of some old ruined wells made of burnt bricks buried completely under mud and sands. This expedition was not well accepted by the residents hence they had to stop the same and thus the fact also remained hidden under the water of Peer Baba’s Pond. Even now, there are a few families staying nearby who still offer Puja to the unknown “Devi” to please Her in the hope that no more life would be sacrificed!

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The Mystery Behind The Peer Baba’s Pukur

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