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Pawana Lake – Perfect Weekend Getaway Near Lonavla

Pawana Lake is a lake that is located just 15 kilometers away from Lonavla. Hence, if you are a resident of Mumbai, then always look forward to visiting this fantastic place where you would come to terms with the beauty of Mother Nature in the monsoon season. It is a massive lake that is untouched by tourists. From Mumbai, it is just 130 kilometers away. However, it is most convenient to drive your car and reach the Pawana Lake Lonavla to witness the beauty of the lush green sceneries. It is also advisable to pack your bags with food as the Pawana Lake Hotels are not situated nearby.

Pawana Lake Lonavla

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Pawana Lake Lonavla is that it offers an action-packed getaway. Even if your stay in the Pawana Lake Lonavla is just for one day, you can be assured of the fact that you can productively enjoy your leisure time. Moreover, if you are a busy professional, you should always make sure that you visit the Pawana Lake Lonavla so that you can be relieved of stress. You can easily access the Pawana Lake Hotels so that your stay in the area is without any trouble. Moreover, you can also emphasize Pawana Lake activities so that you can productively spend your time.

Pawana Lake
View of Pawana Lake by Manoj Thorat  under CC BY 2.0

Exciting Activities To Undertake

To enjoy your stay in the picturesque Lake, you can conduct Pawana Lake activities. By doing so, you can be ensured of the fact that you have properly enjoyed your vacation. You can also go trekking to the nearby Tikona Fort where you can enjoy the sights from a certain height and altitude. Moreover, you can even make sure that you visit the Pawana Lake for an overwhelming experience. You can also visit the Tung Fort that is located nearby. You can also opt for the services of tour operators so that your vacation time can spend off fruitfully.

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Delicious food You Must Try

The Pawana Lake Hotels can cater to the demand of tasty and palatable food items. Moreover, there are chances that you would be spoiled for choice when you visit the Lake. Also, if you are visiting the Pawana Lake with your family members, then you should not camp by the side of the river. It is always advisable to check into various Lake Hotels that have affordable accommodations and eateries. You can also have the option of homestays where you would find to be reasonably priced. The nearby Lonavla market is one of the best places to access low priced foods. However, these meals are quite delicious. You can also check out the German bakery that is situated in the heart of the Lonavla market.

Shop for essential items

In the outskirts of Mumbai and by the side of the Lake, the local market of Lonavla is straightforward to reach. If you are a shopping freak, then you can always opt to shop at the local Lonavala market. Besides offering good quality food products, you can also get hold of sure ethnic dresses at low cost that you would not find in the city of Pune or Mumbai.

On the other hand, the Lake is one of those lakes in the outskirts of Mumbai that offers an enchanting view of the travelers. Hence, it is vital that you visit this beautiful place in your next weekend. You can also find various shops that dot the horizon of the Lake. Hence, you do not have to venture out to the local market. Moreover, you would also find a lot of camping areas where you can set down to camp. With reasonable pricing policies, Lake must be on your itinerary this weekend.

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Featured Photo: Lonavla Dam by Sudanshu under CC BY-SA 2.0

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