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About forty kilometres away from city of Ranchi is the small scenic town of Patratu. It is known for the Jindal Thermal Power Station. Patratu valley is a quick and comfortable ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It reflects the natural beauty of the state of Jharkhand.  The route from Ranchi to Patratu is via Kanke and Pithoria. Beyond Pithoria is the Ghat section of the road. The Pithoria-Patratu valley has the most amazing roads and breathtaking views which almost transport you to the picturesque valleys of Switzerland. The road winds down to the Patratu Lake, a vast reservoir formed by the Patratu Dam. The road downhill has umpteen S-curves, hair-pin bends, and swooping corners along with some stunning views.  The corners are wide enough and there are fencings in place at most places on the road. It is a superb stretch of smooth roads and the drive down the valley is an awesome experience in itself. You can also get a splendid view of the Patratu Dam from the hills as you drive down.

The Patratu Lake is a popular picnic spot. There are boating facilities which can be availed by the tourists. As you drive down through the Ghats you can see rivulets flowing down from the mountains and draining into the reservoir. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery. Boating in the lake surrounded by nature at its untouched best is a splendid way to spend some leisure time. During the late afternoons, when the sun’s rays beat down on the valley from across the hills, the whole place gets drenched in a variety of hues and the valley itself seems like some place right out of a fairy tale. However, since the place is relatively untouched, the facilities for tourists are not too great. There are a few refreshment stalls but it is always advisable to carry your own food.

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The Patratu Dam is another added attraction for tourists visiting Patratu Valley. The dam was made to store the waters of Nalkari River and the reservoir is the main source of water for the Patratu Thermal Power Station. It is not advisable to venture on these roads and into the valley after dark as these regions are supposedly very sensitive and deeply influenced by the Naxalites. Patratu valley and the reservoir and Dam are great locations for a day trip from Ranchi. The cool breeze across the reservoir, lush green hills and the scenic views are the perfect way to recharge your mind and body leaving all the stress behind.

Featured Photo By Wikimedia Commons

Patratu Valley – A Glimpse Of Swiss Alps In India

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