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Park Street – 7 Amazing Restaurants You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

Park Street happens to be one of the most happening places in Kolkata. During the time of Christmas and New Year’s the place is lighted up like a newly wedded bride. It is known for various reasons, but one reason why is it very popular among the residents of Kolkata are the restaurants here. Park Street can be called the restaurant town of the city because more than 50 restaurants are situated here. Kolkata isn’t like other cities like Mumbai or Delhi where every street has a nightlife. If you want to enjoy the nightlife of this city, then you should definitely visit this place. If you are short on time, it may not be possible for you to visit all the restaurants; so in this article, I am going to tell you about 7 amazing restaurants which you should certainly try when you visit Park Street.

7 Amazing Restaurants in Park Street, Kolkata

chicken roll photo
Photo of “Chicken Spring Roll – Chinese Noodle Restaurant AUD5 per roll” by Alpha under CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Kusum Roll Center

Kolkata is famous for Kati Rolls. In fact, it is the most popular evening snack for people. If you are looking for something which fills your tummy and doesn’t consume much of your time having it then Rolls would be the first preference. This particular roll centre is located near Karnarni Mansion and it is the most popular shop in Kolkata for Kati rolls. You will find various varieties of rolls here like Chicken Roll, Egg Roll, Mutton Roll, Paneer roll and Cheese Rolls. Try anything you feel like; everything is delicious here.

Price for 2 – Rs. 150-200

2. Oly Pub

The second place I would like to talk about is the Oly Pub. Oly Pub is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It is famous for 2 things, the first being the amazing food the second is the rate at which it serves liquor. Beside this pub, there are many discos; and many people usually drink and eat here first and then they go to the night club so that they could save money. The signature dishes here are Chicken ala kiev and steaks. One thing that you might notice is that the staff isn’t that friendly but all these complaints go away when they serve the food on the table.

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Price for 2 – Rs. 800 – Rs. 1200

3. Peter Cat

Peter Cat is one of the most iconic restaurants in this particular area. People travel from very far places to have their sizzlers. Their signature dish happens to be Chelo kebab, which is rice covered in butter, potatoes and chicken kebabs. The staff is really courteous and the food is absolutely amazing. The seating place at this particular place is very limited and on weekdays people wait for hours to get inside. So, if you are planning to go to this place then I would suggest that you reach here as early as possible to avoid the long ques.

Price for 2 – Rs. 800 – 1200

4. BarBQ

park street kolkata photo
Photo of “Kolkata – Park Street” by VnGrijl under CC BY 2.0

This happens to my favourite Chinese restaurant. Barbeque is one of the most famous restaurants when it comes to Chinese food. Their signature dishes happen to be drums of heaven, mixed chowmein, schwezwan fried rice, kunpao chicken and chicken dimsums. Also, if you are not a fan of Chinese food and wish to have Indian food; they have a separate section for the same. The Indian food is also pretty great and this restaurant also serves alcohol.

Price for 2 – Rs. 700 – 1200

5. Mocambo

Mocambo was a very popular restaurant at a point of time. A few years back it got involved in a controversy in which it was accused of stopping a driver to enter its restaurant because according to them he was not properly dressed. The ratings of this restaurant were above 4.2/5 which feel to 2.7 after this incident. It was boycotted by the people for a long time, the restaurant had issued an apology to the people of the city later. The ratings have improved over time. You can try Chicken Alakeiv, Chicken Paprika and their sizzlers here.

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Price for 2 – Rs. 1000 – 1500

6. Arsalan

Arsalan is Kolkata’s most famous biriyani restaurant. It is located in many places in Kolkata; However, I like Park Street branch the most due to its ambience. Arsalan is famous for its Mughal food. If you are visiting this place have their chicken or mutton Biriyani. Trust me, if you don’t have it then you would be regretting this for your entire life; yes, it is that good! Kebabs, chicken reshmi butter masala are some other dishes which Arsalan is known for.

Price for 2 – Rs. 500 – 1000

7. Tung Fong

The last place to make it to my list in Tung Fong. This restaurant serves the most amazing Chinese buffet you can ever ask for. I remember having its drums of heaven; they were actually tasting like bites of heaven. The staff is really great and so is the ambience. It is located just beside Mocambo. Getting parking here is a kind of an issue; so, I would advise you to visit here by a cab. This is another Chinese restaurant which you just cannot afford to miss.

Price for 2 – Rs. 700 – 1200

Like I said before, Park Street is the hub of restaurants and more than 50 restaurants are located in this area. These are my 7 favourites, so if you are a little short on time then you can try anyone among these. However, if you have the time, I would suggest you explore this place. If possible, visit here during Christmas or New Years, the experience is really great.

Photo of “Park Street in the morning” by ePi.Longo under CC BY-SA 2.0

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