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Panhala is the beautiful hill station of Maharashtra located in Kolhapur district and is known for the majestic natural beauty.  The site is rich in flora and fauna and is positioned on the edge of Sahyadri Mountains. Cool breeze, flee market, forts, temples are some of the reasons why one should visit this place.


Panhala photo

Photo by Ankur P


Top Attractions of Panhala


1. Jyotiba Temple

The temple is located at an altitude of 3124 square feet above the sea level and is dedicated to Lord Jyotiba, who is popularly also known as Dattatreya. The God is an incarnation of all the three Gods namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The major attraction of the place is the large fair that is organized during the months of Chaithra and Vaishakh when the moon shines the brightest. The temple remains open from 6 am- 7 pm and there is no entry fee.


2. Panhala Fort

It is one of the major attractions located in Panhala. The fort reminds us of the Maratha dynasty. There are various stories associated with the fort. Some historians call it- a place from where Raja Bhoj II expanded his empire and others call it as a temporary stay halt for the largest Maratha ruler Shivaji. The fort was built way back in the year 1178 to 1209 AD.

The wall of the fort is triangle in shape and is painted with a combination of white and green color. The gates leading to the courtyard have certain inscriptions inscribed on it.


3. Ambarkhana Fort

The fort was built by the Maratha dynasty and it houses the administrative division and granary. The gate has Three Doors that restricts the unobtrusive entry.

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Panhala photo

Photo by Ankur P


4. Sunset Point

Like Lonavala and Mahableshwar, Panhala also houses a sunset point located at the north-end of Panhala Fort. It is actually a small fort located on the northern part, from where the tourist can enjoy the sunset view.


5. Sajhha Kothi

This destination is meant for the historical buffs. It needs a special mention because it is as this place Shivaji Maharaj punished his son Shambhaji for his bad behavior. Though the Kothi is in a state of ruckus the structure still remains intact.

This one-storey structure was established by Adil Shah in 1500 CE and it reflects the Bijapuri architecture. The upper chambers of the fort have dome-shaped roofs with the balcony hanging over the wall of the fort. The roads that lead to this Kothi is good and guides are also available in case you want to dive into the deep details.


6. Parashar Caves

The state of Maharashtra is popular for various caves with history inscribed within it. While Ajanta and Ellora, Elephanta are the prime tourist destination, Parashar Cave is another feather on the cap. This 18th -century cave was built by the Marathi poet named Moropant and is believed that the major works are added by him only in the cave. These caves were once the residence of the great sages of the world and have a spiritual value attached to it.

7. Botanical Garden

This hill station offers something for everyone, while historians can get their hunger satiated by watching the ancient forts and caves, children can enjoy and learn about their environment by visiting various Botanical Gardens.  It is popularly referred as Tabak Udyan and is a great sight for the bird lovers too.

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Apart from that, there are various temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Ganesh, Mahadev, Margai, Laxmi, Maruti Temple, etc. All of them exude the true sense of spirituality.

In the end, we would like to conclude Panhala Is the perfect place to whisk away your spouse from the daily routine and celebrate the togetherness.

Featured Photo by BOMBMAN

Panhala- The Hidden Treasure Of India

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