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Panchapalli Dam- Visit For A Feel Closer To Nature

The Denkanikottai taluk is known for its serene landscapes and ample number of reservoirs due to the presence of so many seasonal rivers.  One such Dam is the Panchapalli Dam built over the mighty Chinnar River. The rivers originate in Annaimalai hills of the Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala and flows 18 Kilometers along the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, where it is called the Amaravati River and is the largest tributary of Cauvery River. Along the river lies the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and it also touches the southern edge of the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Park. Due to ample amount of water, many animals visit this river during different parts of the year. This river is also home to many crocodiles.

One hour drive from Hosur Electronic City via Hosur-Denkanikottai highway leads you to the Panchapalli dam. The Dam is 80km away from Bengaluru.

The roads although narrow are well maintained and beautiful many people recommended  to visit the Dam not because of its grandeur but because of the picturesqueness of the journey. Along the way one can feast their eyes on the Marigold fields and enjoy the freshness of Bamboo forests. The hills, the valleys and the lakes paint magnificence. The Semieri lake nearby is a major water hole for many animals like Elephants and spotted Dears. One might even spot Shepherds grazing their cattle, on the hillside.

The Dam is an adequate place for a fun Picnic with family and friends. One can have a refreshing swim in the backwaters or go  boating instead. The steep hills nearby provide a perfect spot for short treks. With the permission of the forest authorities one can even go for wildlife safaris with local guides.

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There are no food joints at the dam, tourists are advised to carry some on their own. However, some small food joints or dhabas can be spotted along the way. The only decent restaurant nearby is in Denkanikottai, called the Sarvana Bhawan. Also if one plans to stay a couple of days, The Forest house is the perfect place. Bikers often visit the Meter falls in Anchetty while visiting this place. It is a 45-min drive from the Panchapalli Dam.

Travelers often visit this place during or after the monsoons (June-September) when the river is at its pinnacle. For nature lovers, this place is a dream come true. According to the locals, during the early days of January, the charm of this place is indescribable. Many photographers visit this place during early hours of the day to capture the splendid sky.

Featured Photo of ‘Mysore, India’ by Philip Larson under CC BY-SA 2.0

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