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It is because of the Palakkad Gap, the Palakkad town in Kerala is known as the Gateway to the Kerala. The Palakkad gap is a thirty-two kilometers wide gap which passes through the Western Ghats, which has the popularity of being the widest pass in the whole wide world. The Palakkad is a district in Kerala which borders the Coimbatore district of the state of Tamil Nadu. It can be said that the Palakkad is the link between bot the states. The town of Palakkad is filled with Palmyra Trees, which is considered to be the very symbol of Kerala. There are several stories involved with this place. It is needless to say that these stories neither have a proper date or a proper location of origin. They are tightly woven with the cultural memory of the place, Palakkad. One of the most famous stories is that how the king of Andhra Pradesh was found to wash dishes at a local hotel in Palakkad, just before seven days to his coronation. Just like the tale of this king, the past of Palakkad is filled with such fairy tales which can mesmerize any listener. These fairy tales of the town ring echoes of the old beliefs and half-forgotten events. This town has the distinct mixture of the present and the past in an oddly burred way. But this ambiguity has not created any confusion with the locality of this town or the characteristics of this town as well.

Palakkad town in Kerala: The Mandatory Place to Visit in Southern India

Palakkad Town


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One cannot label the Palakkad town in Kerala. Nothing can precisely fit in its description. This town can rather be called as a village, which makes way for the chariots during its native festivals and the processions at the festivals light up each corner of the place. Every morning, the sunlight brightens up the golden fields of the paddy. It is no wonder that the village wants to move forward to become a town with its newly opened amusement parks, air-conditioned restaurants, and also with the availability of the digital media networks for the people. The town also is the house of many schools for sports and the streets are clean and dirt free. The enticing beauty of the Palakkad town also comes from the variety of cuisines which is the ample combination of the cuisines of the neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc. Even dishes from the Northern India are also found as the staple favorite of the native people of this place. One can easily get hold of the Manchurians and the tandooris in the festival fairs of Palakkad town in Kerala.

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The Palakkad town in Kerala has a distinct cuisine of its own. Most of the people enjoy a variety of aerated drinks with their meals. The beats of the panchvadyam can be heard all over the town with the popular beats of the Malayali Film Music. By these very descriptions, you must have got the idea why Palakkad cannot be defined by the normal standards of the town or village.

The short blueprint of the roads

Palakkad Town

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The Palakkad town is filled with lots of restaurants hotels and shops. It has also got several agencies providing cab services. The services are found in the Palakkad arterial of the Sultanpet Main Road. The Tipu’s Fort is situated at the very end of this road. To the west of this fort, one can find the DTPC office. The bus terminus of KSRTC lies to the further west, just to the opposite of the Hotel Green Park. The main attractions for the tourists in the town are the Jain Temple, the Vishwanath Temple, and the Vadakkanthara. Another most popular temple is the Kumarapuram Temple which is found to the north of the town. Palghat station is situated at the center of the town, off the Shoranur area. The Coimbatore Road starts from the very junction of the Sultanpet Road which merges with the Kunnathurmedu and National Highway forty-seven. This road bypasses the Palakkad town. Just beyond the junction of the Sultanpet Road, the name of the Coimbatore road turns into Valia Angadi Road. All of the roads lead to the famous tourist attractions of the town.

The top tourist attractions of Palakkad

  • The famous Tipu’s Fort of the Palakkad Fort lies in an integral part of the city. It was constructed by Haidar Ali in the year 1766. It is the motif of the town of Palakkad. It offers a picture of Palakkad’s dignity. The fort is extremely strong, sturdy. Its peaceful moat, on the contrary, speaks of the violent history. This fort was built for the purpose of establishing communication with the other side of the Western Ghats, but it was attacked by the British under Colonel Fullerton. Currently, the Archaeological Survey owns the place amongst its preserved landscape gardens. There is also a children’s’ park which is also ideal for family outing.
  • The Jain temple or the locally named Jainmedu was once the home of the local families following the Jainism sect. This temple is located on the Kalpathi River and is believed to have around five hundred years back by the Jain leader Inchanna Satur. This temple is an aid to be built commemorating sage Chandranathswamy. There are many historical idols found in the different regions of the temple. The very first division has the idols of the Goddesses Jwalamohini and Vijayalakshmi. The second region consists of Rishabhanath The third area comprises of the statues of Padmavathi and Parswanath. This place, just like the religion itself, is quiet, calm and serene. The temple is emphasized by the brightened lamps, walls of granite and also intricate decorations and carvings of different Gods and Goddesses. It is important to know that this very temple is treated differently than the other tourist spots. The caretakers of the temple, who reside inside, have to be informed beforehand before visiting.
  • The Thiruvalathoor Shiva Temple is an unusual one. This temple is conical in shape, and the roof is mint green. The walls of the temple are whitewashed and decorated with lamps. This temple is said to have been carved in an entire night. The notable festivals celebrated here are Mahashivratri and Karthik Poornima.
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Palakkad Town In Kerala: Essential Place To Visit In India

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