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Pachaimalai – Hidden Hill Station Of The Eastern Ghats

The Eastern Ghats is the home to many hill stations. The best part about the hill stations in these ghats is that they are not at all crowded. Most of them are still unexplored and untouched as a result of which their natural beauty still remains intact. In this article, I would be talking about one of the hill stations of these ghats and that is Pachaimalai Hills. In recent years, this place has become a little popular among tourists. “Pachai” means green; the reason why it has been named as such is because of the greenery which surrounds this place.

‘Malai’ means mountains – since this particular is full of greenery and mountains, therefore, it has been named Pachaimalai. In order to reach this place, you would have to come to Thuriyar and from this place, Pachaimali is nearly 90 kilometres away. It is located at a height of 1000 metres above sea level so you can expect chilly winds flowing against your cheeks. In this article, I would be telling you everything you need to know about Pachaimali – Hidden Hill Station Of The Eastern Ghats.

Pachaimalai – Hidden Hill Station Of The Eastern Ghats

Fishermen zone at Rishikonda Beach, Vizag
Photo of ‘Fishermen zone at Rishikonda Beach, Vizag’ by Sankara Subramanian under CC BY 2.0

About Pachaimalai

Pachaimali Hills is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. In order to get here, you would need to travel to the district of Perambalur district. There are three waterfalls in particular which enhance the beauty of this place. The names of these waterfalls are Mayil Uthi Falls, Koraiyar Falls and Mangalam Aruvi. These falls are located at a distance of about 100 kilometres from this place. If you are visiting Pachaimali you cannot afford to miss out on this place. One thing common you would see in eastern ghats is the presence of the tribal communities. These communities play a significant role in these Ghats because they have a different culture which brings diversity in these hill stations. The most popular tribal community in this area is Malyalis who have taken up agriculture as their occupation.

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Tourist Attractions

One thing which the hill stations of Eastern Ghats lack are major tourist attractions. Luckily, Pachaimalai doesn’t fall in that category it has many tourist attractions which one can think of visiting. The places which you can think of visiting are Chettikulam Thandauthapani Temple, Ranjankundi Fort, Mathurakaliamman Temple and Esani Village.

1. Rajankundi Fort

This fort was built in the 17th century. This fort has a lot of historical significance – During the battle of Valikondah, the British have won against the French with the support of Mohammad Ali. This fort had played a very important role during this battle. If you visit this fort you would notice that there are residence buildings, palace, underground passage and underground chamber. It is maintained by the archaeological survey of India and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pachaimalai.

2. Myluthu Falls

Another attraction which you would find in huge numbers is the Myluthu Falls. If you are looking for a place for trekking then Myluthu falls is the place where you need to be right now. It has natural steam nearby so make sure that you carry your swimming costumes. Not only this, it is said that these falls are rich in fauna and it is said to have medicinal properties.

3. Siru

The next tourist attraction in Pachaimalai Hills which you can think of visiting is the beautiful temple of Siruvachur Mathurakaliamman. This temple is dedicated to ‘Chelliamman’ a goddess. If you want to visit this temple then you need to plan your vacation accordingly. This temple is open to the public only on 2 days of the week that is Monday and Friday.

4. Cholagagnam Lake

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If you are looking for an attraction which has a lot of history associated with it then you need to visit Cholagagnam Lake. It was built by ancient man and what is more astonishing is that it is still in use. The history involved with this lake is during 300 BCE Cholas were one of the greatest Tamil dynasties. Their rule had lasted for nearly 1500 years. It is believed that these people were dedicated followers of Lord Shiva. One particular leader of the Cholas had built this lake to celebrate his success for his victorious march to the Ganges.

How to get here?

One thing common about all the hill stations of the Eastern Ghats is that visiting here would be a challenge in itself. If you are planning to reach here by taking a flight then the nearest airport to this place would be Tiruchirappalli, from here you would need to rent a cab since it is 61 kilometres away. If you want to travel by road, you would need to reach Trichy Chatram bus stand; the bus would take you to Thuraiyur which would take you approximately 1 hour. From Thuraiyur you would need to take another bus to Pachaimalai Hills which would take another half an hour. I would personally recommend you to take the road trip because the scenic views which you would get to witness during the road trip are marvellous.

What are the things to do around?

There are numerous things which you can do in Pachaimalai. I would recommend you to first visit all the tourist attractions – Temples, Waterfalls, Dams, River streams. Once you are done with all this you could go for trekking or even a wild trip in the forests. Lodging shouldn’t be a problem here because there are plenty of good hotels situated here.

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There are many other places which you can visit in Pachaimalai like Veera Ramar dam. It is built near River Kallar; you just cannot afford to miss out on this place. The view from the dam is really serene. Like I mentioned right at the start that Pachaimali hills is a newly found hill station and there are still many places in the region which are unexplored. If you are looking for an adventure then Pachaimali is the perfect place to be in.

Featured Photo of ‘the brahmaputra… a being n’ a river…’ by lensnmatter under CC BY 2.0



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