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It sounds amazing to go to an overnight trip as the adventure that you will get in the night you won’t get it in the day time. The day trips or camps have its different attractions from the ordinary weekend trips. The thrill of Mulshi can make your trip more interesting when you are visiting this place with your friends. The day shows us the bright and delightful side of the environment and the night shows the calm and quiet but adventurous side of the same place. This article is here to discuss the beauty and the adventure of an overnight camp at Mulshi.

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Though this place is more popular in Western India but now it is becoming famous across the world. The people who love to visit various places may have heard this name. This small place is a great site for enjoying the overnight camps. This article will help you to know about the best time to visit Mulshi, and how to reach Mulshi dam Pune. But before all these things you should know about the place. The following paragraph is here to give you the basic knowledge about Mulshi.

Mulshi dam is located in Pune, Maharashtra where you will get numerous options to enjoy. This is small village that is being famous day by day for the beautiful nature and attractive sites. The  Mulshi dam map can help you to find the remarkable places where you can enjoy the night camps in a special manner. The adventure lovers will get a memorable night in the camp on the If you are irritated with your busy life and want to take a short brake then this place is perfect for you. The night will make you feel the adventure on sand at this place. The beautiful nature will calm your mind and help to get rid of the stress of the regular life.

If you are planning for a weekend trip at Mulshi then you may visit some places like pavana lake, tikona fort, tanhini ghat, korigad fort, dev kind waterfall, Tung fort, temghar dam near the it.

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Best time to visit this place

You will find a very soothing weather all over the year in this place. There are several places in India where monsoon is the best time to visit but when it comes to the point of visiting Mulshi then you should avoid monsoons. Summer is the best time to visit Mulshi as temperature doesn’t get very high at this place. You may take advice from the official page of this place tourism to know the best time to visit Mulshi. The expert travelers always suggest avoiding the rainy season for campaigning under the sky. The clear sky full of stars can leave extra ordinary impressions in your mind.

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How to reach Mulshi dam Pune?

You people already know that the village Mulshi is situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra. But it is far from the Pune city. It is about 30 kilometre away from the Pune city. You can reach there by car. You will get to know the way to reach there from this place dam map. The Mulshi dam map will not only guide you to reach there but it will also help you to know about the best visiting places in Mulshi. You may also visit their official website to get tips on how to reach Mulshi dam Pune. If you are planning for a successful overnight camp at Mulshi you should go with a group of people who are regular at overnight camps. Their experience will help you to fight with some unwanted situations in the camp.

This place looks stunning at night and you can enjoy it in a better way by adding a fire campaigning under the sky. You need to keep in mind that necessary security should be taken in case of spending nights in the camps. There are many exciting acts you can perform in daytime at this place as well.

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Head To The Perfect Overnight Camping Getaway At Mulshi

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