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The Orang National Park, also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park is another attraction that brings people to the amazing state of Assam. The beauty of the state is incomparable, but the presence of the national parks like Kaziranga and Orang puts the icing on the cake. These national parks have a lot to offer to the national and international tourists. Your tour to Orang national park will give you a chance to get in touch with nature and its wild side.

The Orang National Park is popularly known as the “mini Kaziranga.” The reason behind this is that both the parks have the same kind of climate and ecology. Kaziranga is mainly known for the great number of Indian rhinoceros, which have one horn. These are not found anywhere else in the world. You will also see these majestic Indian rhinoceros on the Orang national park safari tour. Due to the similarity between the parks, it has been given such a name.

Orang National Park

Orang National Park photoPhoto by Arian Zwegers


The status of being a national part was conferred on the forest on the 13th April 1999. Before that, it was only a sanctuary. The establishment of the reserve was completed in the year 1985. When you are on the Orang national park safari, your guide will tell you about the story of the reserve in brief. The entire area was inhabited by tribal people. They lived in the area till a devastating disease broke out. The entire area was quarantined and then evacuated. Under the colonial rule, the entire area was declared as a game reserve in the year 1915. The tour to Orang national park is full of interesting surprises for the tourists.

Location and measurement

The latitudinal and longitudinal location of the Orang National Park is 26.483°N 92.266°E and 26.666°N 92.45°E. To say in simple terms, the park is located in the northern part of the state, just on the banks of the famous Brahmaputra River. The park is in the Sonitpur and Darrang districts. One look at the Orang National Park map will give you an idea of the significant size of the reserve. The total area that the forest covers, amount to 78.81 km2. The area is dotted with many government rest house and private resorts. The Orang National Park map will give you the location of all these places.

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Orang National Park photoPhoto by dennisikeller

Flora and fauna

When you enter the Orang National Park, you will be amazed by the intense ambience of the forest. You will require the assistance of the guide to complete the Orang national park safari tour. The safari is conducted by trained guided who know every inch of the forest. When you mount the backs of the elephants, you will feel the thrill of the adventure. On tour to Orang national park, you will see swampy areas, marshy areas, dry areas as well as highlands. Each area has a different ecosystem. It means that flora and fauna is these areas will be dissimilar as well.

The wooded part of the forest provides rich and valuable timber. A high percentage of the shrubs have medicinal qualities. The leaves, fruits and flowers, all are utilized in one way or another. To add diversity to the ecosystem, there are 26 artificial ponds within the forest. These ponds can be easily reached by following the Orang National Park map, and here, the tourists will see seven distinct kinds of turtles.

The Orang National Park is not only known for the single horned rhino, but it also has its fair share of tigers, Wild Pig, Hog Deer, Porcupine, and Civet Cat. The river is full of Gangetic Dolphins along with various kinds of other fishes. Black Krait, Indian Rock Python, King Cobra, Monitor Lizard, and Cobra are some reptiles found here.

The tour guides and experts will suggest that the best time to visit the forest is the months of November to that of April. During these months, the climatic conditions will support your adventure safari, and you will be able to discover the hidden gems of the area with ease.

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Featured Photo by dennisikeller

Orang National Park – The Mini Kaziranga Of Assam

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