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Ooty’s uber connection with the Nilgiri Mountains has resulted in enlarging itself as one of the most popular tourists’ places. Despite its picturesque domination, Ooty is contrarily considered as a supply base market town. So, whether you have decided to switch over to another job in Ooty or you have a keen interest in traveling to the ‘Queen of hill stations’ this summer, you are already quite excited about it (isn’t it?). Irrespective of your decision, you need to know the necessities even to live a day out there. Here’s presenting some of the most favorite Ooty shopping places.

Ooty Shopping Places – The Ultimate Choice for the Voyager

Traveling doesn’t entirely mean occupying your mind with the destination you have chosen to explore. It also needs the appetite-satisfying factors. And if you are fortunately a shopalcoholic, then shopping in Ooty would be the best thing you would try doing after visiting the place. The Ooty shopping places are as fascinating as you wouldn’t have dreamt of. And on top, if you are traveling solo, shopping becomes an integral part of your trip. So how will you choose the markets? Keep reading on.

Visit Best Ooty Shopping Places – Experience the Markets’ Versatility

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Top-End Grocery-based Ooty Shopping Places

From the tourists’ point of view, Ooty is an adventurous spot for exploring dangerous yet recreational activities. But if you haven’t visited the Market Road in Ooty, you probably aren’t packing its diversifying facts. Speaking economically, Ooty is an agricultural town largely dependent on the cultivation of ‘English Fruits’ cultivated locally. Aside from freshly cultured cabbages, potatoes, carrots, cauliflowers; this Ooty shopping market offers seasonal fruits like Ooty plums, Ooty Apple. You would also get flavorsome strawberries too. If you are traveling to the Market Road for the very first time, then don’t forget to try your hands on the delicious fruit juice available inside the market.

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Next, one of the randomly-visited Ooty shopping places, Commercial Street, will make you indulge in some leisurely shopping activities. If you are a chocolate aficionado, then choosing to visit there would really be of massive benefits for you. The reason is simple. It gets you the direct road to the dealers of Ooty’s homemade chocolates. Get the real taste of Ooty’s home-grown chocolates and buy some until the next time. Commercial Street happens to be one of the best Ooty shopping places where you get to purchase leather products too. Starting from bags to shoes, this Ooty shopping market would be the ultimate choice for shopping leather garments and accessories. Apart from these aforementioned, you can also get hold of aromatics eucalyptus oil as well as Ooty Varkey.

Charring Cross – Shopaholics’ Antique and Best Solution

If you take a lot of time in surveying about your clothes shopping, then Charring cross might be the best solution for you. Starting from manufacturing woolen clothes to designing the toda embroidery as well as antiques; Ooty is a place where you even get a lot of research on your clothes. Even, you get a wide range of choices on the horticulture plants as well as flower seeds. Botanically, it is an enriched town. You can even visit the Tibetan market that is one of the fan-favorite Ooty shopping places and bargain for an inclusive shopping.

Visit Best Ooty Shopping Places – Experience the Markets’ Versatility

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Wrap up

This compiles everything to know about the places in Ooty which can safely give you the best pleasure of shopping. For the readers who want to explore a solo-shopping experience, the aforementioned places are the must-visit ones. Keep watching this space for further guides on traveling.

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Visit Best Ooty Shopping Places – Experience The Markets’ Versatility

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