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Ooty is an extremely popular hill station located at the height of around 2240 meters above the sea level. It is also known as Udhagamandalam. Being popular as the Queen of Hill Stations this place is located in the southern part of India. In fact, Ooty is one of the most visited tourist spot in India, it attracts tourist from all across the country for its absolutely enchanting natural beauty. Ooty has some really magnificent and charming locations which are a must visit for every traveller.

Ooty: The Queen Of Hill Station

On reaching Ooty one might experience one of the most enthralling experiences. And that is the train journey which starts from Kallar, this train makes its way through the stormy bending roads and absolutely dark passages. One can even enjoy greenery at its peak and also see some really attractive streams gushing down through them. The entire area surrounding Ooty is covered with the beautiful tea gardens and also the magnificent Eucalyptus trees. One look at the beautiful tea gardens which are stretched all over the area is going to be an absolutely wonderful experience. Above all the icing on the top is the refreshing breeze, which will make you fell fresh and enthusiastic.

Best Time To Visit Ooty: ANYTIME

The temperature of Ooty is one factor that makes this place extremely popular as a tourist attraction. The average recorded temperature of the Queen Of Hills is not more than 15 degree Celsius. During the summers the temperature does not hit more than 20 degrees Celsius, and during the winter season the temperature falls down up to 0 degree Celsius. Because of the awesome atmosphere this wonderful place can be visited ANYTIME during the year. Day time is pleasant during the winters, but the nights can be freezing cold. Do carry some woollen clothes to beat the cold weather so that you can explore Ooty to the fullest.

Top 10 tourist Attractions in Ooty

Check out below top 10 tourist attractions in Ooty, these places are a must visit for any traveller.

1. Droog Fort

Droog Fort which is also known as Bakasura Malai is the very first place that will kick anyone’s mind when we talk about Ooty. It’s like the name is quite associated with Ooty, this is a beautiful ancient fort is from the era of Tipu Sultan and is located in the area attached to Coonoor. It is believed that time of war this Fort was used as a war station by Tipu Sultan. Positioned at around 6000 feet over the sea level, this place provides some really breath-taking views.

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2. Ooty Botanical Garden

The Ooty Botanical Garden is an immensely popular place, the garden spreads over an area of around 22 hectares. It is an age old garden which was started in the year 1847. It showcases some 650 rich and different species of trees and foliages. If you are a nature lover, this wonderful Botanical garden is a must visit for you. If you are visiting Ooty in the Month of May, you will be lucky enough to attend the May Summer Festival, which is celebrated here every year.

3. Ooty lake

This beautiful lake is another renowned tourist attraction, mainly for the nature lovers. The lake was built in the year 1825 and stretches over an area of 2.5 kilometres. This lake looks even more enticing with the green hills surrounding it. Being here can be one of the most refreshing and relaxing experiences in one’s life. The cool breeze and the relaxing atmosphere will take you to another world. Fishing is one of the activity that makes this place most visited, also the tourist can also enjoy boat rides.

4. Dodabetta Peak

If you are passionate about nature photography, then the Dodabetta Peak is the just right place for you. Nature is on the absolute peak at this point and you wish to click amazing pictures is bound to come true. Be it beautiful mountains or the valleys everything looks absolutely heavenly from the Doddabetta peak. Located around 10 kilometres from Ooty, the Dodabetta Peak attracts number of tourist who come here to enjoy the excellent views of mother nature.

5. Rose Garden

Rose defines beauty, so from the very name we can understand how beautiful this garden would be. Located near the Doddabetta peak do not miss to visit the famous Rose garden and check out the wide range of beautiful roses in this enchanting rose garden. The rose garden in Ooty has over 2000 different species of hybrid variety of roses. This garden attracts many tourists every year who visit this wonderful garden and witness the colours and perfume of thousands of roses around.

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6. Upper Bhavani Lake

The Upper Bhavani Lake is another very popular place in Ooty which attracts many tourists. Unlike other tourist spot this place is very silent and not very crowded. The main attraction is the still clear blue pristine water which gives you a sense of relaxation. This spot is perfect for a picnic with your family or relax over a cool evening with your loved one. The attracting surrounding and the greenery makes this place dreamier.

7. St Stephen’s Church

An Anglican cathedral had founded the St Stephen’s church in the year 1829. One of the most famous church located in the Nilgiris. The main attractions of this church is the intricate wooden work and the glass paintings. Visiting this church can be a unforgettable experience for the tourist as the surroundings near the church is absolutely beautiful.

8. Mukurthi National Park

A Perfect Weekend Getaway located at around 34 kilometres from Ooty. This place is also famous among the adventure lovers mainly for trekking purpose. Nature is at its peak at the Mukurthi National Park, it offers travellers spectacular views of nature. Bird watching is another famous activity, one can see a large variety of birds here, like woodcock, jungle fowls, Black Eagles, thrushes and the Kestrel.

9. Lamb’s Rock

Looking to feel the clouds? Then hit on to the Lambs rock which is located Coonoor. The best time to visit this place is early in the morning when you can see some really spectacular views. Covered with abundant greenery, enjoy the magnificent views of tea and coffee estates stretching way across on the slopes of the Nilgiri hills.

10. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the just right place for adventure lovers and also the ones who love animals. Located around 31 kilometres from Ooty, the Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary is one of the most popular Tiger Sanctuaries in India. Home to around 266 species of birds and also some rare species like the white rumpled vulture and the long-billed vulture. The main attractions of the Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary are the Bengal Tiger, Indian leopard and gaur.

Is the Queen of Hills calling you? So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and head towards it. Ooty is mostly about its pleasant weather, the months April to June and then September to November are the best time to visit this place. Do make sure to check out all the 10 tourist attractions as this will ensure your journey to Ooty is totally complete.

Photo by Ram-R2R

Ooty, The Queen Of Hill Stations

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