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From the century-old structures to the far stretched pristine coastline – Odisha, Land of Temples entices vacationers. Often known as the land of temples, Odisha, one of the prominent East Indian states attracts pilgrims from across the country and the world.

Odisha, Land of Temples and The Goa of East

Though the Jagannath Temple at Puri is one of the finest built edifices in the state and popular to be a Dham as denoted by Shri Adi Shankaracharya, there are several other abodes of the almighty created by the Kalinga ruler across the state during their reign.

The temple of Lingaraja, Rajarani, Konark Sun temple, Paschimeswara, Jaleshwara Shiva and many more engross visitors till date.



Puri Jagannath Temple—

Built within the 11-12th centuries- the magnificent stone temple of Puri houses the triad deities- Jagannath, Subhadra, Balabhadra, and also Sudarshana, built from wood are consecrated on the Ratnavedi Throne placed at the Sanctum Sanctorum. A fusion of Dravidian and Kalinga style of architecture are predominant in this premises covering around 400,000 square feet of area.

Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar—

Bhubaneswar’s Lingaraj Temple is dedicated to Harihara that means here Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are assembled together as one soul as the Swayambhu deity. Known to be one of the tallest temples of Odisha, the edifice was eventually built at different intervals during the last decade of the 11th century.

Konark Sun Temple—

The finest yet the most mysterious of all the edifices- Konark was built to dedicate the Sun God by Narasimhadeva I, a ruler of the Ganga Dynasty. But on the day of the inaugural, Dharmapad, a boy fell from the Vimana of the temple while fixing the last stone up there. Since then, the temple is said to be cursed as the deity was never worshipped here. This architecturally magnificent temple traveled time and even stands today by enshrining its relics to tell the heartbreaking story of the history and how it was dishonored by the creators.

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Beaches of Odisha

Besides the Temples, the “Beaches of Odisha” attract tourists as well. Vacationers at Odisha enjoy the place both as pilgrims as well as tourists. Apart from the Puri beach, many tourists flock down at the Gopalpur, Chandipur, Chandrabhaga (Konark), Paradip and more.

Take a quick look at the finest beaches of Odisha that will compel you to accept the place to be the Goa of East—

Rushikulya Beach—

Best known to be the piece of heaven on earth—this amazing beach by the Bay of Bengal coast is simply enticing. You will never regret traveling to this pristine beach if you are a true nature lover. The far stretched serene sandy coastline amidst the turquoise waters of the Bay will coerce you to extend your holidays! (Did you know Odisha is famous for its dance form. See : Odissi – The Oldest Surviving Dance Form)

Chandipur Beach—

Have you ever witnessed a sea playing hide and seek with you? If not, don’t consider it to be outlandish, the beach at Chandipur is all set to surprise you with its phenomenal hide and seek game! Per science the sea goes back and plunges back again with the lunar attractions. There are plenty of hotels and accommodations available by the Odisha Tourism. So staying back in this magical coast can be a journey of your lifetime.

Gopalpur Beach—

Already been a popular shooting spot for the Indian movies, Gopalpur attracts vacationers with its bountiful of coconut groves by the coastline and the sandy serene beach. Lots of water and land activities are available along with comfortable accommodations.

Alongside these beaches, Paradeep, Baleshwar, Puri, Balighai etc beaches in Odisha are enthralling and perhaps the finest you can enjoy in the East India (You may also likeTop Things to Do in India). Winter is the ideal time to enjoy the destinations for the vacationers.

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Whether it’s the beaches, the temples, or the famous Odisha Handicrafts, this East Indian coastal state has successfully won hearts over the ages.

Featured Photo of Chandipur Beach by psubhashish

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