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Nubra Valley-  Book of Spells

Nubra Valley, Leh bounds to put a spell on everyone who comes visiting, such is the beauty. The journey to Nubra valley is also breathtaking. During the Journey, Ladakh reveals its true charm, as you pass the high-altitude cold desert embroidered by little green haven villages which many people have no idea even exist. The grand Nubra Valley has a funny Y- kind of shape (inflicts learning you see!) and gives way to the snowy mountains of Ladakh that welcomes every visitor with a big, cool hug! But before starting this amazing journey, you need to know a bit about Ladhak, about the unlimited fun and incredible experience that you will, later, cherish as memories. So click enough photos and selfies!


nubra valley photo

Featured Photo by alex hanoko

Nubra Valley is a small yet beautiful valley bebayed in the northern part of Ladakh region. The most fascinating thing about this valley is that there are hardly any showers or precipitation but still it is flushed with greenery. As summer approaches, the valley is summoned with such airy ambience, such calmness; it surely relieves you from the fast forward life you live in the cities. As the apricot and almonds blooms, the white desert fills you heart with colors. The valley is popular known as the “FOOD BOWL OF LADAKH”( ITS A FACT!).  The Nubra valley is an all-in-one package. It has everything that you want to see and enjoy. It has snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, prized crop fields, yummy fruit gardens, and the dazzling white desert.

This place has a slow, peaceful environment that helps you relax. Nubra Valley is pure positivity towards life. To enjoy these gushing rivers and yummy fruit garden, you have to pass through Khardung La, which is one of the high-altitude motorable passes in the world.

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Gems of Nubra Valley

  • Diskit Monastery

Once you enter the town, there is a certain amount of tranquility in the air. This ambience of Diskit Monastery can be felt anywhere and everywhere in the town. Diskit Monastery is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist peace-houses in Ladakh. One can capture the beautiful views of Karakoram Range from the monastery.

  • Hunder Sand Dunes

Hunder Village is famous for double-humped camel safari. It’s very scary yet really exciting. Hunder is the royal region of the Nubra Valley. While you experience some incredible views of the vegetation in Diskit, Hunder is all about the dazzling white desert. This is Royalty people!

  • Yarab Tso Lake

If you are impressed by the glistening blue lakes of Ladakh then Yarab Tso is most certainly the place you are going to enjoy. This holy lake is situated close to Sumur village. The charming scenery of the lake is more than enough to take you to another world!

  • Panamik

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Panamik village is a view, a magnificent view. Located on the banks of Nubra River, Panamik is the last easy to get to village for visitors. The village is mainly known for its hot springs but there is much more to experience and enjoy in this village. Its peaceful, its calm therefore a great place to spend some quality time.

  • Samstanling Monastery

On the way to Panamik village, you will come across a white monument which is easily visible from a distance. It is the Samstanling Monastery, believed to be the main Buddhist peace place of the valley. The path is a treat to the eyes. Full of bushes of berries and Tibetan prayer flags which warmly welcomes.

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The Nubra Valley is a must visit place especially for those who are looking forward to spend some alone-quality time. A fairytale place. Enjoy!




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