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Whether or not you’re an ardent traveling enthusiast, you already are aware of the fact that traveling is an expensive affair. And if you have been beaten by a traveling bug, then you cannot count on the excitement and pleasure on unfolding the tales of an unknown destination. Now that you have already visited this page, things get clearer that you are apparently searching for an outstanding traveling spot to visit somewhere around the corner. If the rolling and sky-soaring hills are calling you this time, then Shillong might be the best bet for you. After all, it is the Scotland of the east and is bestowed with lush greenery. But what if you aren’t that much fanatic about traveling under the sun? There’s one-stop solution for you, and that one standalone answer comes in one effortless motion – the Don Bosco Museum in Shillong.

Experience North-East India under One Roof- Visit Don Bosco Museum

Photo by Laawaris

DBCIC the Constant Magnet for Travelers

Being one of the major tourists’ spot, Don Bosco Museum provides you an eye-catching glimpse of the multi-culture and rich lifestyle of North-East India’s indigenous folks. Tagged as the ‘Treasure house of North East’, you might get the opportunity to interact with some outstanding scholars, students, historians, or even researchers. Historically, visiting the place would ensure you to have the pleasure of learning traditional of Shillong culture, especially North East. The storehouse of information, Don Bosco Shillong, is a preservation of culture, heritage, and life. Recently, DBCIC featured among the top Indian museum and is qualified as the best North-East India Museum.

Don Bosco Museum – The Perfect Combination of History and Technology

Experience North-East India under One Roof- Visit Don Bosco Museum

Photo by Laawaris

While it is true that newer technology would never enlighten you with the history of revolution, it can definitely be a mode to it. The best thing about this museum is that it provides the allowance of accessing knowledge on its indigenous cultures by means of multimedia facilities like plasma panels, touch screens, documentaries, as well as computer presentations.

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DBCIC – the Best Library for Bookworms

Your holiday at Don Bosco Shillong would be justifiable, especially if you belong to the queue of bookworms. Amongst the scholars, researchers, and students, Don Bosco Museum happens to be as popular as favorite. The library of books and references encompasses specialized volumes on North-East India thereby rendering satisfied researchers and studies.

An Introduction to DBCIC– In a Nutshell

Experience North-East India under One Roof- Visit Don Bosco Museum

Photo by Laawaris

Now that you already know the multiple benefits of visiting Don Bosco cultural museum, you must be thinking about the history of the place. So, before you book your tickets for Shillong, here is a brief introduction to Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures museum. The museum is a perfect mixture of attractive architectural beauty and structures. You would be allowed to visit Don Bosco Museum from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. during the summer season. On the contrary, during the winter season, the museum is opened from 9:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. DBCIC provides you unique facilities including elevators for elderly as well as sick people. Apart from the interactive computer area, it features a media and conference hall where you would get touch computers. For children, there’s a mini-museum within. This North-East India Museum incorporates the system of sensor lighting and also sports Wi-fi Connection. Other necessities include parking lots, drinking water, eateries, and clean washrooms.

Wrap Up

Aside of the Don Bosco Museum, you can also get in touch with the Shillong culture amidst the lush green environments out there. Starting from tasting the flavors of the street food, to exploring wild attractions on Shillong’s outskirts, you would have the license to make your trip more inclusive and exciting.

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Experience North-East India Under One Roof- Visit Don Bosco Museum

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