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Nongkhum Island – A Magical Experience

An unexplored destination is almost everyone travelers fantasy. A place where pristine blue skies meet the clear water body. A place that leaves you speechless and spellbound. Well then pack your bags and get set to visit the beautiful You can live all your fantasies here. This island is a paradise for tourists who look forward to some peace and tranquillity.

Nongkum is located 14 km away from Nongstoin, which is in West Khasi Hills. From Shillong, it is located at a distance of nearly 104 km. You can take a road journey from Shillong to NongKhum. The road from Shillong to Nongkhum is decent but, the real hurdle is the road from Nongkhum to Nongstoin. The only assurance is the mesmerizing natural beauty of the island that will make you forget the pathetic road journey.

Once you reach your destination, green pastures amidst the sound of nature greet you. This is a perfect escape from the chaos of urban life. The island has three waterfalls that surround it. It is also known as the second largest river island in Asia. Nongkhum island has only 9 villages which makes it sparsely populated. A fact, nice to know if you are a solo traveler in pursuit of peace. The locals out there are not fluent in Hindi or English. But nevertheless, their warmth and hospitality do touch a chord in your heart. In spite of the language barrier, the villagers go all out to make the travelers feel comfortable. One can camp on the river island and enjoy the local cuisine and music. The grasslands that surround the island make it an excellent spot for picnics.

The surreal magical charm of this place will take you by surprise. The pristine blue and green water of the gurgling Khynshi river is a visual treat for the tired eyes. The place is best enjoyed by a simple activity-walking. Just strolling around the grassland will relieve you of all the stress. No need for a day at the spa. The option to lie down on the grass and stare at blue clear skies is always there be it daytime or night. Indulge in star gazing at night and you can get lost, in the world above.  The surprising fact is that small hamlet which has only nine villages does not have electricity. In terms of accommodation, there are tiny cottages available for tourists. If you are the adventurous type then you can hitch your own camp and enjoy in the lap of nature.  However, if you prefer better accommodation then  Mawphanlur would be better which is just about 46 km away from the island.

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Solitude, peace fresh and tranquil environment is what these islands offer. Once you step onto this green pastures, all you say is ” Wow”.

Featured Photo: Peace by poonam.agarwal.s under CC BY 2.0

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