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Nicco Park – One Of The Oldest Amusement Park In India

Kolkata is really a good city to live in, it has a rich cultural heritage, the people are really good. One thing which Kolkata lacks are places to just let loose. Unlike other happening cities like Mumbai or Delhi, Kolkata is comparatively quiet. It is a city which prefers to sleep early and wake up early. If we compare Kolkata with Bangalore, in Bangalore convenience stores are opened till 11 pm in the night but in Kolkata, the stores start wrapping up from 8.30pm itself. However, there are a few places which Kolkata has to offer. One place which comes to my mind when I am talking about spending a great weekend is Nicco Park. Nicco Park is an amusement park situated in Salt Lake area of Kolkata. In this article, I will tell you 7 things you need to know about Nicco Park

Nicco Park – 7 Things  You Need To Know

nicco park photo
Photo of “Nicco Park” by Martin Lewison under CC BY-SA 2.0

1. About Nicco Park

As I said, Nicco Park is the only amusement park in Kolkata. In fact, it is the only amusement park in Eastern India. Nicco park has 2 separate sections; one is where you can enjoy all the dry rides which are labelled as the original “Nicco Park”; the second is the water park which has opened around 5 years back which is labelled as “Weto Wild”. The entry fee for both the parks are different; However, if you want to visit both of these parks then the authorities have an offer for a combined package.

2. Where is it and what time should you visit?

It is located in Salt Lake area of Kolkata. It would take you roughly an hour from Howrah Station or 35-45 minutes if you are travelling from the airport. If you want to visit Nicco Park, this I would seriously advise you to go as early as possible. The park opens at 10 am and you just enter right at that very moment. The reason is that Kolkata’s afternoon is filled with humidity. I mean if you just stand in the open air for 5 minutes in the afternoon it is enough to wet your entire t-shirt. So, in order to avoid the exhaustion, visit it as soon as possible.

However, if you are visiting weto wild then you can afford to reach late. The water park opens at around 11 am and baring the weekends you wouldn’t face a rush which you would make you feel irritated. There are various attractions in the park and recently 2 or 3 new rides have been added. Weto wild is one of the best answers to beat the heat in Kolkata. The entry fee charged for entering the water park is around Rs. 500 and it is a really fun place to be in.

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3. What are the best rides?

If we are talking about Weto Wild then the rides do not have any specific names but I can assure you that you would really have a fun time. Wave pool, rain dance and water slides are one of the many things which you could enjoy. Now talking about Nicco Park, there are numerous rides here. If we compare the size of Nicco Park with Bangalore’s Wonder La; then Nicco Park is at least 2 times bigger than Wonder La but Nicco Park’s rides aren’t that thrilling when compared to Wonder La. Striking Cars, Cable Cars, Water Chute, River Cave’s Garden and Nicco Park’s most thrilling ride The Cyclone are the rides which you should certainly try when you visit here.

Nicco Park also has a toy train, so if you ever had the wish of sitting in one then your wish could come true here.

nicco park photo
Photo of “Nicco Park, water fountain” by Reza Ahmed under CC BY-SA 2.0

4. Food Arrangements

This is one particular area where Nicco Park lacks. Inside the park you won’t get many options; samosas, kachori, tea and coffee and popcorn are the few basic things you will get inside. Recently, there has been the addition of wow momo in Nicco Park. Wow momo! Is a Momo chain situated in many cities in India. However, if you can control your hunger inside the park; just opposite the main gate there many food stalls where you can get lip-smacking food. Rolls, chowmein and kebabs are the options among which you can choose from.

5. Overall Review

Nicco Park is not among the amusement parks which can be called as the top 10 in India but that doesn’t steal away the fact that it is really well maintained and can give you a really good time. My personal favourite rides here are striking cars & the moonwalker. These are the first rides which you will come across when you visit this park so make sure you try it.

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Overall, Nicco Park is a fun place to be. If you are visiting here on weekends be prepared to face a huge rush; if you are visiting on the weekdays then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. So, these are the 5 things you need to know about Nicco Park Kolkata

Featured Photo of “Cyclone: ‘Ride the Whirlwind'” by murky under CC BY-ND 2.0

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