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New Digha To Chandipur Trek Along The Enticing Beauty Of The Sea Coast

Chandipur, popularly known as Chandipur-on-sea, is located in the Balasore district of Orissa. The beach is unique of its kind because of the sea disappearing astonishingly from the shore twice during the day and reappearing with a full gush in the evening. This rare phenomenon attracts visitors, providing a marvelous opportunity to walk on the sea bed.

The magic behind the receding sea waters is the alternate occurrence of the low tide and the high tide. The beach offers a serene romantic view with the sandy sea bed. It’s enthralling to sit and watch the waters slowly recede in front of your eyes. And then at the onset of the setting sun, you will love to watch the waters rolling down to the seashores.

Enticing in the beauty of Chandipur, the most adventurous way to explore the sea coast is to venture on a trek towards New Digha in West Bengal. You will enjoy a unique experience of walking along the panoramic landscape dotted with small villages, lined with casuarina trees, the white sandy beaches, and the sparkling blue waters.

Trekkers Know-how

Chandipur Beach
Photo of ‘Chandipur Beach’ by Sankara Subramanian under CC BY 2.0

The best time to embark on this long but delightful trek is during the winters November till March.

The trek is covered in three days, initiating from Chandipur. If you are too adventurous and can withstand the journey with small breaks, then you can even complete the trek in two days. It’s advisable to start every day at 6:30 am in the morning when the weather is comfortably pleasant. Also, it will ensure arriving at the stop-over destinations early in the evening. Carry a good backpack with sufficient clothes, snacks, and water. Wear light clothes to stay comfortable since the journey is quite long. Keep your medicine box with you in case of an emergency. Wear proper shoes so that your feet don’t get tired.

If you are travelling with any tour operator or a professional tourist guide, then many of the things are provided by them. But if you are travelling solo then ensure to carry a map to guide you through the journey.

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Certain paper-works like the state permits should be arranged before starting off for the trek.

The Journey

Day 1: Chandipur to Kasafal

The trek commences with a 2.5 km walk from Chandipur to Balaramgudi village. Hop on a riverboat to cross the Buribalam river, flowing across the village. The riverside is quite crowdy with the fishermen and boatmen.

After descending from the boat at Majhichak village, you need to proceed towards Bahabalpur. The 9.5 km walking trail is quite enjoying with the crabs, birds, turtles and other marine animals and the lovely patterns on the golden sands. You can have your lunch at this place before proceeding further.

On reaching Bahabalpur you need to again catch a boat to cross the Buriamari river. The place is actually a delta formed by the confluence of the river and Bay of Bengal. From Bahabalpur the boat will take you to Kasafal. You can either stay overnight at Kasafal or continue with your journey depending upon your stamina. Day 1 journey will be completed in almost 6 to 7 hours.

Day 2: Kasafal to Dagara

The day initiates from Kasafal with a walk towards a beautiful tranquil river called Chaulti. Cross the river to reach a place called Haskara Khari. You can either have a small break at this place or continue onwards.

The walk from Haskara Khari till Dagara beach is quite awesome. The flowing breeze atop the casuarina trees and the gushing sound of the waves crashing against the shorelines create a scintillating feeling around. You will also experience the fishermen with their fishing nets and the boatmen lined up with their boats. As the sun descends down the horizon, you can witness the vibrant colours of the setting sun spanning across the sky and spreading its glittering reflection on the sea waters. It will take 7 to 8 hours to complete the entire trail on day 2.

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Day 3: Dagara to New Digha

The first destination is to reach the Kankdapal village on the banks of the river Subarnarekha. You need to jump on a boat to cross the river. The scenic beauty of Subarnarekha river is worthy of praise.

After alighting from the boat at Kirtaniya ghat, you need to proceed towards Talsari. Enroute the trail you will cross a village called Matikacha. The path is across the forests. Talsari is a weekend gateway and you can find plenty of tourists flocking the place. You can refresh yourself at Talsari with lunch and drinks.

The distance from Talsari to Digha is 4.5 km. Along the journey you will cross Udaipur at Orissa Bengal border. To reach Udaipur you need to cross a small knee deep river. From Udaipur, walk another 2 km to reach New Digha, the endpoint of the 3-day long trek.

The Concluding Path

The trek from Chandipur to New Digha is quite long as you need two stopovers at night. But the exhaustion is completely nullified by the amazing views of the picturesque landscape. The captivating scenery will keep you energetic and enthusiastic throughout the journey. It is quite a refreshing experience to walk alongside the flowing rivers, the white and golden sands, the beautiful villages and the sea waters with the white fluffy waves.

Featured Photo of ‘chandipur_sea_beach_Baleswar’ by Subhashish Panigrahi under CC BY-SA 2.0


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