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The eastern part of India never stops to fascinate a traveler. With it’s rich and varying cultural heritage and diversity, it is regarded as one of the most sought after travel destinations in India. The blue skies, mystic rivers and the chirping of a variety of birds give rise to an exhilarating traveling experience. The Nameri National Park best illustrates this notion. It is situated in Himalayas in Assam. It is the largest national park in Assam and is popular among the wildlife photographers and enthusiasts.

A brief overview of the Nameri National Park

It is interesting to note that the Nameri National Park shares its boundary with the Pakhui Sanctuary. The major attraction of this sanctuary is its rich and vivid wildlife and fauna. Moreover, it is considered as the natural habitat to many animals. You would be fascinated to know that it is the second tiger reserve of Assam. It is also an important national park for the protection of elephants. It is also home to many varieties of mammals.

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Flora and Fauna found in the Nameri National Park

The Nameri National Park is gorgeous in its varieties of fauna and flora. The forests situated inside the Nameri National Park have over 600 varieties of natural vegetation that gives it a unique stature in India. One can find numerous rivers along the Nameri National Park, and this is the reason that Nameri national park river rafting is a favored activity among the tourists. The Nameri national park river rafting is one of the major tourist attractions of this wildlife sanctuary. With the help of this business, you may satiate your desires to catch a glimpse of unique birds found in this park.

You can also find a lot of faunal resources here. The rich wildlife includes Black Bear, Tiger, Clouded Leopard and Indian Wild Dog. You can also witness various varieties of birds such as the endangered white winged wood duck. If you are lucky, then you can also click the photographs of the different varieties of Hornbill and productive varieties of butterflies.

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How to reach the Nameri National Park?

Nameri National Park has good transportation to measure cities. You would be fascinated to know that it is few distance away from the Kaziranga National Park. The closest airport is the Tezpur Airport, and it lies about 40 kilometers away from Nameri National Park. Quite interestingly, Rangapara Railway Station is the nearest railway station. Moreover, you can avail a considerable number of private and government buses to Nameri at various intervals.

Nameri National Park’s Geography

As the Nameri National Park is situated in the Sonitpur District, you would find a lot of green covers. This is why it is quite popular for Nameri national park eco camp. The Nameri National Park is surrounded by various Assamese and tribal villages which render the place a unique cultural diversity. You can also find the Jia Bhareli River flowing through the park. This is the reason that Nameri national park river rafting is so popular among tourists. Other tributaries flow through this park. The Nameri national park eco camp is popular due to the overwhelming presence of rivers.

If you love wildlife then the Nameri National Park is the right option for you. You would find a lot of flora and fauna that would actually rejuvenate your senses. It is one of the best rated national parks where you can opt for the traditional Nameri national park eco camp. On the other hand, you can also try the Nameri national park river rafting to catch the unique view of various birds. All in all, the Nameri National Park situated in the Sonitpur District is one of the most preferred destinations if you are an avid fan of wildlife.

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Nameri National Park – All You Need To Know

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