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The Naulakha Bazaar is located very close to Sadar Bazaar in Agra. Agra attracts a number of tourists all year round and Naulakha Bazaar is a fantastic place for them to unwind. This bazaar is located very close to the Sadar Bazaar. You will see a number of tourists in this bazaar all year round.

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Artists Galore

At Naulakha Bazaar, you will find a number of artists that sell their wares. You will see a number of metal ornaments as well as showpieces. You will find these in an area of the market known as Loha Mandi. Apart from metal wares, you will also see a number of shops selling traditional Uttar Pradesh outfits. This is something that will interest people of all ages. Children will also love playing here because of the number of stalls here. These stalls are run by the local people.

If you are tired from roaming the streets of Agra, then Naulakha Bazaar serves as a welcome place. You will be able to enjoy refreshments and local beverages. There are also a number of hotels and restaurants that serve local as well as the continental food here.

Local Commodities

There are a number of things that you will find at Naulakha Bazaar. Locals usually flock to this market to purchase timber. You will also see a number of household goods being sold here. Apart from this, you will find imitation jewelry, toys and a number of stationery items. Naulakha Bazaar also has a reputation for selling counterfeit products resembling a number of international and national brands that may fool you. This is why you should be careful before purchasing any sort of cosmetics from here. These products may not be genuine and may harm your skin.

The authentic food stalls here are simply amazing. You get all the famous Agra sweets here as well as a number of traditional Indian sweets made in ghee. The lanes in Naulakha Bazaar are very narrow and a number of shops are lined up on either side. You need to be careful while walking the streets as people are always in a hurry and can knock you over. You can also purchase some comfortable shoes for roaming around in Agra.

Sadar Bazaar photo

Photo by varunshiv

Right from mojri’s to sports shoes, you will find them all at Naulakha Bazaar. While Naulakha Bazaar may seem like an over congested place, it is how the bazaar operates. The locals find the bazaar very convenient because of the number of eateries and grocery stores here. The rates of all items here is very reasonable. If you are able to bargain, then you can definitely make your shopping here worth all the chaos and the crowd. This lively bazaar comes to life very early in the morning and does not look like dying off even in the late hours of the night. If you are looking for the authentic Agra experience, head over to Naulakha Bazaar today itself. You can enjoy Agra and the local culture like never before.

Featured Photo by varunshiv

The Naulakha Bazaar Of Agra

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