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Ever thought of visiting the beautiful nature camps to relieve stress off you? Well, you can certainly visit one to have an enthralling experience. These nature camps also have the facility to provide you with delicious meals and accommodation. You can either have what they offer, or you can catch fish and cook it to relish it later. It is interesting to note that by visiting these places can also cater to your traveling needs. Moreover, you can spend your weekend perfectly in these nature camps. Here is the list of few nature camps where you can relieve all your stresses and tensions.

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Galibore Nature Camps

If you are a resident of the Silicon city of India, Bangalore, you can visit the Galibore Nature Camp. It is just a two-hour drive from the cosmopolitan town and is set amidst mountains, forests, and rivers. This place is named after a windy hillock that is known by the name of Galibore. It stands on the river Cauvery. You would be fascinated to note that the Galibore Nature Camp lies isolated from civilization. Hills entirely surround it and you would witness wilderness which is completely lush green. As a nature enthusiast, you would always sniff adventure at the Galibore Nature Camp.

Moreover, as the River Cauvery gushes over jagged rocks, it would make a different noise. There is no habitation of any kind for miles around, and the only sounds you will hear are sounds of birds and the whistling of the wind. Once you reach the Galibore Nature Camp, your primary objective would be to catch fish. You can also hike the jungle trails to witness breathtaking adventure. The birdwatchers would be fully awarded with various sights as the Galibore Nature Camp has 230 species of birds.

Nature CampsPhoto by Rob Oo

Bheemeshwari nature camp

It is a nature camp that is located near the Cauvery River. The Bheemeshwari nature camp is also known as a fishing village. It is a small village in a small town in Mandya district. Yiou would be interested to know that this nature camp is situated on the banks of the Cauvery River between the Mekedatu Falls and Shivanasamudra Falls. It is only three hours away from the bustling city of Bangalore and is usually located on the outskirts of the city. Along with fishing activities, you can pursue various types of other activities in the Bheemeshwari nature camp. You would be fascinated to know that ecological conversation is taken very seriously at the Bheemeshwari nature camp. You can catch tropical fishes that can be allowed only with prior booking. The other visitors are not allowed to visit the Bheemeshwari nature camp without obtaining prior permission. The excellent time to visit this place is from June to September.

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Doddamakali nature camp

It is situated just 6 kilometer upstream from Bheemeshwari. It is a rustic yet charming camp that is set alongside the River Cauvery. You would be fascinated to know that is located in a pleasant remote setting. If you are someone who prefers quietness and serenity, then the Doddamakali nature camp is the right choice for you. It is located very close to Bangalore, and you can enjoy your solitude in this serene place. The Doddamakali nature camp is appropriate for those who love the soothing sound of the calm river as well as the songs of various birds and the whistling of the winds. The right time to visit the Doddamakali nature camp is between February and August.

Nature CampsPhoto by andryn2006

Hence, if you want to enjoy bliss and peace in the surroundings of the nature camps, then the above-mentioned places would be the right choice for you. These areas are remote and rugged that can relieve all your stress and tensions. Moreover, you can use various fishing equipment so that you can catch fish in a wholesome manner. These nature camps can also play a very important role in making sure that you are refreshing your mind in a greater way.

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Nature Camps And Fishing- An Excellent Way To Control Your Stress

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