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Marayur – The Natural Sandalwood Forest In India

It is a widely accepted fact that forests always rejuvenate the mind of a tourist irrespective of its type. The lush green surroundings, the chirping of birds and the thrill of sighting wild animals are enough to lighten up the mood. And when these forests are of sandalwood, then it is truly an overwhelming prospect. The natural sandalwood forest is one of its kinds and is not found in many parts of the world. In this context, India is one of those countries which have a majority of these forests situated on its southern part of the peninsula. Sandalwood forests are relatively rare in this age of deforestation and rapid urbanization. However, despite these aspects, India is still able to cling on to these heritage forests as a part of its diversity.

The natural sandalwood forest of MarayurNatural

Photo by dhruvaraj

Marayur is a town that is located in the Idduki district of Kerala. On the other hand, this place is situated 45 kilometers north of Munnar alongside the state highway. Quite interestingly, Marayur is the only place in Kerala that has natural sandalwood forest. Moreover, this area is also known as a part of the Stone Age civilization. Hence, as a tourist, you would have sufficient number of objectives to explore this beautiful place.

The dolmens of Marayur are the major tourist attractions apart from the natural sandalwood forest. The natural sandalwood forest is also home to a large group of wildlife fauna. It is also an ideal place for practicing the art of photography. A large number of birds folk to this forest and it are also home to a large number of reptiles. So if you are a wildlife photographer, then better equip your camera with a large amount of storage and charge as Marayur never fall short of fascinating the tourists with its vast diversity in the natural sandalwood forest.

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Interesting places for tourists in Marayur

When compared to other tourist spots, Marayur is one of those places that are still not being explored to the fullest potential. It is so because this location does not make headlines often. Moreover, it is a blessing in disguise for the place as it is still unexplored. Had it been explored, then the natural sandalwood forest would have been diminished long ago. It can be described as a natural and heavenly tourist spot that still appeals to the visitors. As a tourist, you can always take a quick stride in the sandalwood forests. However, it is advisable to make a wood guide along with you like the risk of being attacked by wild animals is always high. It is an ideal place where you can romance with nature. It is a place where the chirping of birds would serve as lullabies to you. In the natural sandalwood forest in Marayur, natural beauty is at her best.

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Other places of interest

It is best advised for a tourist to take the route from Rajamala to Marayur. It is one of the best ways that exude natural and scenic beauty of the natural sandalwood forest. Moreover, the tea plantations in both sides of the road are a treat for the eyes. By coming to this heavenly place, one can realize the true potential of lush green surroundings in igniting a romantic atmosphere. First, the sandalwood trees appear one by one on the road from Rajamala to Marayur and soon these turn into a sea.

The air beneath these trees is so cold that one can truly feel refreshed after a long time. Marayur is inhabited by a group of tribals whose primary occupation is agriculture. So if you are searching for high end staying facilities in Marayur, then it is not the appropriate place for you. However, you can always take accommodation facilities in neighboring Munnar. Moreover, this natural sandalwood forest is protected by the state forest department. Hence always seek permission before going inside the woods.

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