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Visit These Popular National Parks For Tiger Sighting In India

Most of us have seen tigers mostly in a zoo, but how about watching tigers at their natural habitats that is in jungle. Sounds scary doesn’t it? But trust me it will be  of the most exciting, delightful and of course scary experience of your entire lifetime.  Do you know that there are many ‘Wildlife Sanctuaries’ in India, who are actually working for a cause of saving tigers and other endangered species from getting extinct? If you don’t know let me take you through some of these immensely popular National Parks in India for Tiger Sighting.

India is a country that houses the largest population of wild tigers in World. So if you are a true adventure enthusiast and want to enjoy the forest and the limitless range of wildlife then check these places out.

National Parks or Wildlife Sanctuaries for Tiger Sighting in India

1. Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand)

Corbett National Park tiger photo
Eye Of A Tiger by varmarohit

Named after a very popular wildlife story writer Jim Corbett. This National Park was established in the year 1936. This is among the oldest & the best national parks in the country. Located on top of the Himalayan range of Uttarakhand, this park has the largest tiger population on the world. So, if you are really looking ahead to experience some wildness beauty, then get in here as this one is of the best place for a visit. The Corbett National Park offers an enthralling sight of tigers and also homes many sloth bears, langurs, rhesus macaques, wild elephants and peacocks.

2. Bandhavgarh National Park (Madhya Pradesh)

Bandhavgarh National Park is one the best national park. It was established in the year 1968 and it is also among the largest and most beautiful national parks located Madhya Pradesh. What makes this place very popular is the White Tigers, and it also homes Leopards, Indian bison, cheetahs and deers. The major attraction at this forest as I said are the healthy white tiger population.

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3. Tadoba National Park (Maharashtra)

The ‘Jewel of Vidharba’ is Maharashtra States oldest national park. The population of tigers in this park has been increasing recently. The Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) which is a combination of this park and the Andhari wild life sanctuary are known for spotted leopards, hyenas, cheetahs etc.

4.Kaziranga National Park (Assam)

Kaziranga National Park photo
Sumatran Tiger by Rennett Stowe

Located in the Golaghat district of Assam, this national park is the only home left for endangered One-Horned Rhinos in India. Kaziranga National Park has the maximum number of tourist from across India and also abroad making it one of the largest and highly visited park of the North Eastern India. You can also spot tigers and other wild species in this park other than Rhinos.

5. Bandipur National Park (Karnataka)

This park is a tremendously popular national park. Located at around 80 kms away from Mysore and almost 215 km away from Bengaluru. It is full of dense forests and wild species like Tigers and Elephants. Bandipur National Park is the largest national park in Karnataka.

6. Sundarbans Tiger Reserve (West Bengal)

Sundarbans national park owes its name to the Sundari trees. Famous for Tigers, the Sunderbans are a habitat for species such as Oliver Ridley Turtle which is endangered. You can find some interesting read at Sundarbans: Unknown Yet Amazing

7. Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh)

kanha National Park photo
The Princess by Sen (Sankarshan)

This park was established in the year 1955, it is home to many wild species specially the Swamp Deer who is also known as ‘Barasingha’. The Kanha National Park is one of the cleanest and also most well maintained national park in the country. You can spot Tigers here, but apart from tigers you can see many other wild animals. Other popular attraction for tourists is the sunset point called Bamni Dadar.

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8. Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan)

This is one of the most spectacular or we can also say top class National Park that India has. It is located in Rajasthan, spreads over an area of around 1334 sq km. This park is bordered by rocky ridges and is extremely popular for the Wildlife Sanctuary. You can experience here the union of wildlife, history and nature all together. One of the best tiger reserves in India, and has perfect picturesque surroundings. Do not miss the Safari.

Apart from above, there are many Tiger National parks like Pench National Park, Panna National Park, Dudhwa National Park, Rajaji, Tadoba, Kishanpur and Wayanad. There are also worth visiting once as it will surely give you a thrilling experience of real India.

Featured Photo of “Tiger in Ranthambore National Park, India” by bjoern



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