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The Naropa 2016 carnival is the biggest Buddhist festival at the Himalayas and is estimated to be attended through over the half million of devotees over the full week of festivals. Naropa 2016 is the largest Buddhist festival in the Himalayas and is estimated to be attended by over half a million devotees over a week full of festivities. Because of the sheer scale as well as a size of the event, it is likewise time and again stated to as ‘Kumbh Mela of the Himalayas’.

Here we go with a cute little story that is behind this Naropa 2016- The Indian scholar as well as Saint named Naropa is recognized to have started the rich custom of Buddhist Philosophy that is predominant over great of the Himalayan region. The education of the Six Yogas of  the Naropa is one among the fundamental pillars in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition.


He got the offer of great Six Bone Ornaments through the Dakinis over his enlightenment. As of that instant onward this ornament is been made use for the relic of sacred support. Currently on the every 12 years, at the top of roof of the great Himalayas, His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa will dons the great Six Bone Ornaments of Naropa. This year this event was even more important for the reason that it remembers the thousand birth anniversary of the Naropa. The festival started on the 16th of September then it happened till that 22nd of September.

During this festival, you would happen to see thousands of Buddhist devotees coming from all over the world. It is really different from the other state Kumbha Mela. You would also observe the poise as well as restraints that every so often describes the demeanor of Buddhist through the world that would be also revealed here.

His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa

This is for some who really don’t any who Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa is. He is well celebrated through the world by the Buddhists by way of the faithful rebirth of Naropa. He is to the world prominent humanitarian, then author, ecologist, as well as the supporter of gender equivalence. He as well originated the life to Love drive which inspires societies to use sympathy in addition to wisdom to rectify the contemporary world’s challenges. His Holiness will don the Six Bone Ornaments every 12 years in place of part of the Naropa celebrations.

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Coming to the story, quickly it was publicized that His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa will be attaining the Naro Palace leading the procession on foot starting Hemis monastery that is nearly three km away. Through ample festivity, he marched up towards the stage and formally started the event. Then it was continued by the chanting of many Holy mantras then many other significant Buddhist rituals. And then, as the part of the custom, His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa too donned the Six Bone Ornaments in the course of the ceremony.

After quite some time may be at noon there would be the event of the inauguration of the ornaments of that of six bones for the public in the Naro Palace. It is usually said that the first day of the function will be opened only to the dignitaries, and from the day 2 it will be open to the public, all day and night, deprived of any break. Actually, the Six bones are nothing but they comprise of earrings, necklace, seralkha, ankle, bangle and crown where they will represent the internal holiness developed qualities.

Ethnic programs at Naropa 2016

You will be able to delight in the cultural performances that would happen till the evening of the day. Artists from diverse provinces performed comprising Bhutan, the Ladakh then further Buddhist lands. Several of the performances will be simply a feast for the eyes, and you will enjoy each and every bit of it. Furthermore, you will come to know many things of this country as well about the Buddhist tradition.


There is no condition that you need to spend all the time at the Naro Palace when you are at the venue, while you can march around the accessible areas and even walk up towards the Hemis monastery that would be around 3 km aways from the venue

Location where Naropa will be held

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In Naro Palace, at Hemis, the Ladakh, India

How you can reach Naropa 2016

Leh is connected very much through flights from Delhi. From the Leh Hemis it is almost 40 km far away then from there the journey would nearly take about an hour and a half. Leh is too accessible by way of the road from Srinagar at Jammu and Kashmir along with Manali at Himachal Pradesh. The trip from both the routes is amazingly beautiful as well as exciting however takes time.

Tips to stay at Leh

Leh is situated about at the altitude of 11,000 feet then Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) is also not unusual here. Make sure of taking all the necessary precautions as well as make certain that you rest at your first day so as to get used to to the cold as well as reduced oxygen levels formerly you do whatever stressful.

As well drink as ample water as thinkable even though you are here, it helps at fighting AMS. You could moreover take the Diamox tablets (Acetazolamide) in case if you get early symptoms like a headache. Consult the doctor if you feel sick anytime during the time of stay here.

Phones and the Internet

At Leh, the post-paid mobile connections will only work, and then the Internet services are also little patchy. Certain networks, like the Vodafone, will not work the most of the time, and yet at sometimes they Aircel network may help you. For the Vodafone customer probably they will not have any mobile network there. On the other hand Airtel, mobile network will work pretty much very good that is even better than the BSNL network connection.

A lot of hotels will offer you the WiFi connection, but then again it might not always work. A number of cafes at the city market will provide you free WiFi as well, and you can find cyber cafes in addition (a scarcity at further parts of India at present).

So if you have a chance of visiting the Maropa Buddhist festival please don’t miss it, it is really worth seeing in your lifetime.

Naropa 2016 – The Kumbh Mela Of Great Himalayas

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