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2920846390 E550865a40 Nandi Hills

For those individuals who have an ardent passion for clicking selfies in serene locations, Nandi Hills would be their best bet. It is one of those places where one can take a selfie amidst the lush green surroundings. In this context, it is important to note that Nandi Bills is also known by the name of Nandi Betta and is an ancient hill fortress that is located in the state of Karnataka. Moreover, it is found 60 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore. Additionally, the Nandi Hills is located at an elevation of 1500 meters and the view from the top is breathtaking which makes it one of the most Instagrammed locations in India. It is home to misty clouds and is also known as the place where selfies come alive in real spirits.

The Nandi Hills exciting places to see

It is important to note that one of the most famous activities one can pursue while being there and part of clicking selfies is to paraglide. However, it is those who have a knack for adventure and loves excellent heights. It is not for those who have a weak heart. You can opt to paraglide over the hills and valleys for a lifetime experience. On the other hand, the Nandi Hills exciting places to see also comprises of the Tipu’s Drop. It is a cliff which is situated at the height of 600 meters. It would provide you a fantastic view of the whole city. It also has a dark past, and it is said that the prisoners were forced down the cliff to their death. Moreover, the constant rustling of the leaves after nightfall is reminiscing about the bloody past of this place. The other favorite activities that one can pursue in the Nandi Hills is cycling and biking. Hence, Nandi Hills has a lot to offer apart from the likes of photographers.

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Nandi Hills photo










Photo by mynameisharsha

It was the summer destination for Tipu Sultan

Nandi Hills was the prime destination for the Sultan of Mysore. As it is located in the Chickballapur town, you can find a lot of Nandi Hills Hotels nearby. On the other hand, if you are a Bangalorean, then you can always commute back to the city as it is situated just 60 kilometers away from the busy city of Bengaluru. It was the summer destination for the Sultan of Mysore as it offered a very unique climate which was hard to ignore. It is a place where you can almost touch the clouds, and this is the reason that it was popular among the likes of the Sultan of Mysore. You can find a lot of temples in the Chickballapur town as well atop the Nandi Hills. These temples were constructed during the Chola Dynasty, and you can also witness the unique Dravidian architecture in these temples. A lot of these temples are devoted to various gods of Hinduism.

The aspect of visiting the Amrita Sarovar in Nandi Hills

It is also known by the name of the Lake of Nectar and is a significant source of water supply for this region. It was formed by the perennial springs, and the shimmering water surface of this particular type of lake after nightfall is a must to see. Hence, Nandi Hills has a lot to offer apart from the usual crowd of selfie crazy people.

Nandi Hills photo









Photo by bandarji

The current development work at these Hills

It is interesting to note that currently, this hill is undergoing a significant development work. It also includes a one crore renovation of the Fort of Tipu Sultan. On the other hand, the Karnataka state government’s horticulture board is also planning to set up a food court amidst the valley of flowers. You would be fascinated to know that a considerable music stage is even being in the developmental stages and after it is being set up, the popularity of Nandi Hills would catapult to great extents.

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Featured Photo byKoshyk

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