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Nandan – The Cultural Hub For Y And Z Generations

From films to cultures, Nandan in Kolkata can drag you there, even if you reside somewhere further down in the north Kolkata. Being a government-sponsored cultural and film center in the land, it has recently become a cultural hub of the Y and Z generations living in Kolkata. Nandan aims at encouraging and facilitating cinematic awareness in society. This also includes a couple of comparatively large scenes that are housed in its impressively architectural building. Nandan’s foundation stone was laid by West Bengal’s former Chief Minister, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Later on, it got officially inaugurated on September 2 in the year 19855 by the famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray.

Movie Goer
Photo of ‘Movie Goer’ by Soumyaroop Chatterjee under CC BY-ND 2.0

An Introduction to Nandan’s Adda

Adda, being a prominent word in the dictionary holds enough popularity among the ones visiting Nandan regularly. Now only is it a cultural hub, but it is also best for the college goers or just graduated ones. It also houses a modern cinema hall apart from the cultural complex. You are also licensed to get the best information from the Internet pertaining to Nandan Cinema hall show time Kolkata and book your tickets accordingly. You can get the Nandan Cinema hall show time Kolkata from the Internet.

The destination is popular for both young as well as aged people. It happens to be one of the primary venues of the International Kolkata Films festival. The year 2011 witnessed the closing and opening of the ceremonies that were shifted to the Netaji Indoor Stadium! And now, Nandan happens to be the primary center of the festival.

A cultural hub, Nandan has remained to be a popular spot in Kolkata. The memorial lectures are held and one can also witness the special programs that are organized here regularly. It has even organized the Social Communication Film Festival which was in collaboration with Kendra.

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About the Movie Hall

Nandan’s movie hall happens to be fit for the kinds of the audience. And hence, you would encounter a great experience right when you pay a visit to the place. The movie hall is both non-commercial and comes with various types of films, especially of Bengali ones primarily. While the movie timings aren’t fixed, you can get the best information from the Internet. The prices are also affordable and it doesn’t cross beyond Rs. 70. You no longer require booking tickets through Nandan phone number, hence! And, if you wish to know about Nandan Cinema hall Rabindra Sadan online ticket booking, then you will have to visit the online websites in order to find the most current movies and watch it accordingly. You don’t require Nandan phone number to book tickets anymore! The Nandan Cinema hall Rabindra Sadan online ticket booking procedure has been digitalized!

Its architecture was built by the famous personality, Amitabha Sengupta. The place consists of about a total of 3 halls with a seating capacity of about 931, 200 as well as 100 respectively. Kolkata International Film happens to be the second largest film festival in India, and this was started in the year 1995. As a matter of fact, this was screened here. Controversies are rife that Nandan would soon get shut down owing to its political pressure. However, the strength of its cultural appearance has already overcome all obstacles.

Wrap up

Now that you know everything about Nandan’s prominence in Kolkata’s heart, you can visit here and experience the warm atmosphere!

Featured Photo of ‘6: Pioneer’ by *saipal under CC BY 2.0

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