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Nationals Parks are our treasures. Nowadays, the number of animal species goes down due to the human activities, natural disaster, and improper protection. In order to protect and generate the animal’s family, National parks are located in every state by the respective Governments. I am going to share some exciting, yet valuable information about Nameri National Park, Assam.

Nameri National Park Geography

Assam state is otherwise called the “land of magic” prospered with dense forests, orchids, endangered animals and musical birds. Though the animals provide thrilling experience during trekking and safaris, they never miss giving a visual treat to the visitors. Nameri National Park is sprawled over 200 square. Kms. The river “Jia Bhoroli” splits the park. On the foothills of eastern Himalayas, the park is located. The Nameri National Park trip would make the nature lovers to thoroughly enjoy and one has to surpass 220 kms from the state capital Guwahati to reach here.  The park occupies a major area for Tiger reserve.

The park was established in the year 1978 as a reserve forest. But, in 1998, it was declared as a National Park. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh boundary is shared by the Assam exotic national park. You may see many tourists reach the place to explore the stunning natural beauty of the park. Chariduar is the nearest hamlet to the park.

Chirping birds


The world popular Nameri National Park has a unique collection of 400 bird species such as     Bee eaters, plovers, bills, Mainas, and dreadful white winged wood duck. The other key birds are Amur Falcon, Silver backed Needle tail, Fish eagles, dwarf kingfishers, mountain imperial pigeon, Hill blue flycatcher, Sultan tit, Yellow bellied flowerpecker, Ibis bills, Oriental hobby, Rufous-backed Siba etc,. A vast butterfly variety especially the prized Atlas moth which is considered as the largest moth in the globe is housed here

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Roaring animals

Besides tiger, the national park is also being a reserve area for elephants. Sambar, Wild pigs, Hispid hare, Sloth bear, Leopard, Gaur, Capped langur, Gaur, Indian wild bison, slow loris, Malayan Squirrel, Barking deer are the other animals here.

Venomous reptiles

reptiles photoPhoto by Stefan Leijon

When we talk about reptiles in Nameri National Park, Assam, it houses Indian soft shell turtle, King cobras, Myanmar Pythons, Monitor lizards, pit vipers, South Asian leaf turtle, Keeled box turtle, Assam roofed turtle, Indian cobra etc,.


Aromatic plants

Most places of the Nameri are compiled with deciduous forests. More than 600 plant species pervade their alluring smell throughout the jungle. The important plant species are Bombax ceiba, Dillenia indica, Cinnamomum cecicodaphnea, Endospermum chinense, Sapium baccatum, Terminalia citrine, Sterculia hamiltonii, Baccaurea sapida, Amoora wallichii, Pseudostachyum polymorphum.

Visit at the best time

November to March is the best time to visit the Nameri National Park, Assam. Heavy rainfall is definite in between October and April. Assam reaches the coldest temperature in between December and April. The winter days are usually dry and a pleasant weather condition is seen.

Most of the visitors like to do a safari on elephants, boat ride on the river Jia Bhoroli. Since the park in the dense area, trekking would be liked by the tourists. However, trekking is advisable along with a professional Jungle guard.

Nameri National Park – Water Sports

river rafting photoPhoto by donald judge

Nameri National Park ensures the tourists to have fun in water sports activities such as river rafting, swimming, taking a sunbath and fish angling. Golden Mahseer is the biggest fish which is trapped during fish angling. If one likes to go for fish angling, the forest department permission is to be sought. All the tourists, local visitors are advised not to harm the animals, not to feed the animals and birds. The forest department strictly prohibits the usage of plastic items.

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Nameri National Park – Assam – A Blend Of Thrill And Fun

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