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Nalanda University

Nalanda University was established in the 5thcentury AD and was a residential institute of higher learning. This was a seat of learning where scholars spent years learning on various topics and was established during the Gupta dynasty in India.

Buddha (founder of Buddhism) and Mahavir (founder of Jainism) were also said to have stayed in Nalanda University for years.

Nalanda Univerity was housed and had 10,000 students and 2000 teachers. It gained into prominence during the visist from travellers around the world such as Hsuang Tsang. It attracted students from all over the world at that time.

Nalanda University was destroyed by fire during an invasion in 1193 AD, which led to its extinction. Remains of Nalanda University have shown to find monasteries and temples.

Nalanda University has been revived by the government of Bihar to restore pride and bring back its rightful place in the world of education and learning. The Indian Government is funding the University with backing from some of the Asian countries.

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Nalanda University

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