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Lakes are the water bodies essential in the drought seasons. Being good water supplying sources, lakes by its beauty attract the tourists. So, they help the tourism growth and thus hype the revenue of the country. Nainital Lake a.k.a Naini Lake is one such major attraction in the Nainital Town, Uttarakhand. Nainital Lake is being the most visited lake in India, attracts travelers and surrounded by seven hills.

The natural fresh body lake is in the kidney or crescent shape. It is the most popular lake in the Kumaon region. Nainital Lake is ringed by Naini Peak on North West, snow-capped peaks on the north and Tiffin Point on the South West. The view of the Naini Lake especially during the dawn and sunset grace the entire body and mind. Dense coniferous trees cover the hill area and add beauty to the place. On the lake’s shore, Naini Temple is situated. Nature fanatics from all over the world visit Nainital Lake and it is being the major tourist spot.

nanital  photoPhoto by BOMBMAN

The Nainital Lake and seven hills

Nainital Lake covers a perimeter of 2 miles and depth ranges from minimum 6 meters to maximum 28 meters. Handi Bandi (2,139 meters), Sher-ka-Danda (2,217 meters), Ayarpata (2,235 meters), Alma (2,270 meters), Deopata (2,273 meters), Kanta (2,481 meters), Cheena (2,611 meters) are the seven hills encircle the Nainital Lake. Among these, Ayarpata is called out from the name of the tree Ayar, Handi Bandi from the echo (or devil’s laughter). Sher-ka-Danda means the tiger’s edge, Laria Kanta is named after some forgotten goddess. After the famous battle of Alma during the Crimean war, the Alma hill had been named. The soldiers who fought in the Crimean war boarded in the Nainital during 1857.

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The beautiful lake has two parts namely Tallital and Mallital. Mallital is called as northern part whereas Tallital is named as southern part. This wonderful scenic beauty lake is being a hotspot for family picnics.

History of Naini Lake

The Hindu scripture Skanda Purana states the lake ‘Tririshi Sarovar’ as Nainital Lake. The name was derived from the three famous sages who used to meditate in the lake area namely, Atri, Pulastya, and Pulaha. They dug a hole which got filled with water and called as Naini Lake or Tririshi Sarovar. According to the history, P. Barron, a European businessman came here for hunting expedition in 1839 and found the Naini Lake accidently. Eventually, he decided to build a European colony on the lake’s shore for their summer refreshment.

Boating in Nainital Lake

Nainital lake boating photoPhoto by aloshbennett

Nainital Lake is popular for a boat ride. Nainital boat club provides a wonderful opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the scintillating lake. Pedaling boat, kayaking and yachting are available here. Nainital Lake views at night time is really alluring. Though boating is prohibited during the night, still the lights of shops, restaurants and other places reflect on the lake and give a look like a galaxy.

Tourists may go for shopping which is located at the famous mal road. The Mal Road is a major shopping hub runs parallel to the lake and shopping is famous for a variety of handlooms, shawls, candles, wooden artifacts, handicrafts.

The charges and timings for boat riding:

Timings for boat riding: 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM (March to June)

  • Pedal boat: INR 150 / hour
  • Gondola like boats: INR 210 / hour
  • Boat ride through Nainital boat club: INR 350 / hour

Best season to visit Nainital Lake:

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March, June, November, December are the perfect months for a boat ride and during the months the tourists can enjoy the tranquility of Nainital Lake.

Places to visit nearby Nainital Lake:

Naina Devi Temple, Lands End, Tiffin Top, Nainital Governor’s house, Snow view, Himalaya Mini Golf, Astronomical observatory.

Featured Photo by BOMBMAN

Feel A Romantic Experience In The Serene Nainital Lake

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