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If you are someone who is an avid lover of wildlife, then the Nagarhole National Park is the right place to visit. One can find a lot of a lot of flora and fauna in this wildlife sanctuary. Quite interestingly, there are so many designated wildlife parks in Karnataka that one would get confused on which one to choose. However, the Nagarhole National Park would top the list as it is one of the most visited national parks in Karnataka.

Nagarhole National Park – Short History

Since ancient times, the forest area belonged to the royal family of Mysore. It was their favorite hunting sanctuary. However, in the year 1955, the two adjacent forests were combined to form the famous Nagarhole National Park. This park comprises of numerous lakes that transverses its boundaries which in turn enhances its beauty. Quite interestingly, you can spot a lot of tigers, deer, and elephant once you undertake the Nagarhole national park safari. Moreover, this national park is resplendent with 270 species of birds. This is the reason that UNESCO is considering to include it in the list of World Heritage Sites.

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Brief overview

It is interesting to note that the Nagarhole National Park is situated far away from the city of Mysore. It is located in the South-East part of the state of Karnataka. From the state of Kerala to the foothills of Western Ghats, the park possesses an area of 640 square kilometers. As a wildlife lover, you would be fascinated to know that this national park is covered with dense forests. The Nagarhole national park safari in the Kodagu district is one of the major attractions for wildlife enthusiasts.

You would also be fascinated to know that the Nagarhole National Park has moist deciduous vegetation that makes for a perfect background to capture wild animals. On the other hand, the geographical features inside the Nagarhole National Park render it an aura that cannot be easily found in other national parks of India. It possesses hills and valleys whose sight one can enjoy by staying in Nagarhole forest guest house. On the other side, you can notice the pure beauty of this national park by taking help from Nagarhole national park safari. This national park is surrounded by many rivers. The notable amongst them are Sarati Hole, Kabini and Nagar Hole.

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How to reach

With growing transport connectivity in the state of Karnataka, entering this wildlife abode is not that difficult. The nearest airport is the Mysore International Airport. It is located about 100 kilometers away from the Nagarhole National Park. On the other hand, the nearest railway station is the Mysore Railway Station. You can get a lot of transport options to travel by road to reach the Nagarhole forest guest house in Kodagu district. The national park is well connected to various parts of Karnataka by road. Hence, you can avail any form f transport to enjoy the Nagarhole national park safari.

The flora and fauna

As it is a moist deciduous forest area, this National Park is resplendent with teak, sandalwood, rosewood and cotton trees. You would be fascinated to know that this national park also comprises of a drier region. In this more parched region, the vegetation and the flora are entirely different. Thorny wattles and swamps are the main kind of vegetation that are found in those areas.

On the other hand, the Nagarhole National Park is quite diverse regarding its fauna. Snakes are quite common in this national park. But apart from snakes, you can also witness tigers. As it is popular for being called as the tiger reserve, you can see a lot of fat cats by staying in the Nagarhole forest guest house in the Kodagu district. You can also have sightings of elephants and other varieties of reptiles. Hence, visit this national park to witness wildness at its best.

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Nagarhole National Park: A Less Trodden Wildlife Sanctuary

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